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UPDATE 12/3/2010
Holodeck Changes
The Holodeck below Soleri City has been redesigned to accommodate presentations, and in this respect, the Video now online at is out of date.  A final scene for the Holodeck presentation environment has not yet been selected, but possibilities are as shown in the below photos:


Video now online at:

Soleri City - Nov 2010


Soleri City is a development 3000 meters above Terasem Island, where Transhumanists may eventually gather, have displays, conduct informal gatherings or more formal seminars, and generally get acquainted with each other.  The city is named for Paolo Soleri, whose ideas on Arcology stretch back to his book, “The City in the Image of Man”, first published in 1969, and whose vision of future human civilization has many similarities with Terasem’s picture of where humankind is heading.

More will be added here soon.  At this moment, its principal visitors may be those who have seen an introductory video on Soleri City, and wish to comment on it.  For those viewing this introductory posting, you’re invited to view the video at

This page has been added to our WordPress blog on the Truths of Terasem Podcasts because, in Soleri City, there will be numerous displays and slide shows concerning the Truths of Terasem, and how they relate to other developments underway independent of Terasem in the world of Transhumanism.  For that reason, Soleri City is likely to be of interest to those who develop a strong fascination with the Truths of Terasem and want to follow things that relate to them closely.

Airborne Among Mountains As Conference Setting


Hovering Above Mountains & Towns as the Conference Setting


Spaceview Conference Seating

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