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Podcast No. 98  Posted 04/10/2012

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The “What” of Terasem  2.7-2.7.6

SUB TITLE:  Bridging the gap between ritual and reality-based belief.

SUMMARY:  This week, we examine how we expand the idea of life extension and life expansion to encompass immortality, the concept of afterlives, a vision of a post-Singularity future and what role faith has in emulating and controlling the universe?


Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast 98 on the Truths of Terasem.  This week we’ll expand on ideas that have been introduced in earlier podcasts.

(Linda)  So, this week we’re going to do something a little different.  We are going to discuss each of the Truths, but then Fred is going to read a wonderful poem he wrote about Terasem.  I think the poem captures the beauty of these concepts more than any other words we could share with you.  But first, let’s touch on each Truth for this week.

(Fred)  This group starts with 2.7: “Transreligion is us because we ritualize our belief in a supernatural, metaphysical, collective consciousness future God.”  And then the Truths for this week expand on that with 2.7.1 which says: “Beginnings differ amongst religions, but we bridge them all by focusing on everlasting life.”  The common ground here is the inclusion, in all religions, of immortality.  By transcending the idea that this must be a domain reserved to the supernatural, and providing a technological route to it, Terasem points the way to a destiny for all, that is in principle ‘endless’; virtually a heaven that transcends all heavens as imagined by all religions, and thus helps unite all humanity in the end.

(Linda)  This is even more focused in 2.7.2:  “Everlasting life realized via digital emulation in a joyous cyber-heaven bridges all Western and Eastern religions.”  Technology is the differentiator, here, and what lays the foundation for 2.7.3:  “Life is what can be conceived, believed and achieved.”  This is basically telling us that we live in a maturing culture ready to cast aside Vitalism and move on to science and technology.

(Fred) This is the way I already feel every time I put a word into Google and auto-search throws tens of thousands of hits back, even before I complete typing.  Add a couple of more characters, and Google is already trying to see where you’re going.  When you know you’ve got the second word all the way in, you look down, and it’s as if a magic genie had anticipated your thoughts.  As the years roll by, now, and we virtually couple our minds into this kind of interconnectedness, I don’t doubt that this phrase will simply become more and more comfortable.

(Linda)  2.7.4 says: “Insistence on the rituals of Terasem exponentiates the rate of advancement toward joyful immortality.”  The word ‘insistence” can too easily be taken to mean an externally imposed, dictatorial influence.  I prefer to think of this Truth as saying, ‘The more you structure the moments of your life, ever mindful of where we all are headed, the more rapidly will you move in that direction and expand your options.’

(Fred)  In 2.7.5 we find, “Every religion shares our belief in becoming part and parcel of God, which we call Terasem.”  The transcendence of religion by Terasem, as stated in many other places in the Truths, is the unflinching declaration that ‘God’ as envisioned by virtually all other religions, does not as yet exist, except as the first, tiny, baby steps in that direction, and will only become more than that through efforts which in the end will be highly technological.

(Linda) The last Element for today, 2.7.6, states: “Faith that we have a purpose in emulating and controlling this universe also makes Terasem a transreligion.”  This, to me, is the most compelling of all, in this Expansion of the Truths of Terasem.  It is in almost every way the same kind of faith that Leonardo da Vinci had, that man could fly, the faith that Edison felt as he pursued electric light, that Robert Goddard felt as he conducted early rocket experiments in the Arizona desert, that Humankind could ‘go to Mars’.

(Linda)  So, having looked briefly at this week’s concepts through the left brain, now we’d like to engage your right brain as Fred reads his poem.  If you’d like to hear the poem as a video with a beautiful cosmic background, go to http://vimeo.com/15954132

Terasem, now I see you,

You who are what we will be,

Calling back through time to we here,

Saying “Come and join me”.


It seemed crazy, so bizarre,

When at first, seen from afar,

Your name, “God, in the making”,

Suggested an invisible star.


Yet so soon now, you shine bright,

A highly multi-colored light,

Now I reach through time myself,

Speaking to you in the night.


We see tiny infants who,

While struggling to walk,

Cling to “mothers”, giant beings,

Magically able to walk and talk.


Understanding, comprehending,

Powerful beyond belief,

They protect us if we’re hurt,

Say they love us, share our grief.


Why should we be so surprised then,

When we find that many do,

Believe a still more powerful being,

Might exist and be a being who,

Might be all-good, all-wise too,

Perhaps hidden in the sky,

Who would always be there for us,

Making sure we’d never die?


Still, observation tells us,

If we’re honest, open minded,

That no god as yet exists, and,

Yet we must not then be blinded,


To the fact that when death threatens,

People rush in, and persist,

As if suddenly merged as one,

While any chances still exist.


Here we see the vast potential,

Of what humankind can be,

A collective consciousness,

Always there and always free.


If we nurture “godness” now,

In our attitudes and acts,

Build a network strong and sound,

Based on science and on facts.


Then post-Singularity,

That network will endlessly,

Expand its work and then reach outward,

Save all kinds of sentiency.


Terasem, I speak to you now,

So I won’t forget you may be,

Only several decades hence,

Humankind’s reality.


Do not fear you’ll be forgotten,

Every culture prays you’ll be,

What they’ve dreamed of when they need you,

And with time they’ll clearly see,

That already they are doing,

What you’ll someday do far more of,

Saving lives of those around them,

Trying to spring free, rise above,


Evolution’s competition,

Mysticism’s superstition,

Miserably low cognition,

Egocentric, cruel ambition,


These will vanish as dark memories,

As we move into the light,

We can create, for each other,

As we emerge from this night,


Into that future, close at hand,

In which you are sure to be,

What we now see as so certain,

As extropic destiny.


Terasem, we see you, we see we,

Becoming all that we can be,

Till someday we link our minds,

And you attain full sentiency,


Then you’ll replicate yourself,

As you spread throughout the stars,

We the “neurons” of your mind,

Helping bend all finite bars,


That stand in the way of making,

Universal harmony,

Multiversal presence of,

A Joyful Immortality.


Diverse and yet united we’ll be,

Mind-expanding endlessly,

On substrates of every kind,

That we conceive and cause to be.

Terasem, you’re our baby, and we’re yours,

This is how it’s meant to be,

Ever moving onward, outward,

Through time toward Eternity.

(Linda)  Thanks, Fred.  That was wonderful!  Next week, we look at the fascinating subjects of protecting lives by copying them, resurrecting all good lives as copies of forever joyful data emulations and why the fidelity of emulations will yield ethical and faithful resurrections.  We’ll also see how we can assure paradise for posterity by modifying data emulations to delete tortuous aspects of lives.

(Fred)  We need your strength to help build this vision into a reality.  Martine Rothblatt recently expressed the importance of joining Terasem this way: “The most important reason to become a Terasem Joiner is to know that you have voted with your dignity to march with those who are pursuing one of the most useful paths toward preserving the sanctity of human life via (a) techno-immortality and (b) a civilization-nurturing credo of diversity and unity.  I would want to wear that badge proudly on my sleeve for as much of my life as possible, and I think that is the most compelling reason to become a Terasem Joiner”.

(Linda) Find out more about joining Terasem at terasemfaith.net. And the most important thing you can do to insure that you are a part of this exciting future, is to start building your own mindfile with the free tools at either CyBeRev.org or LifeNaut.com. There are no fees for building or storing your mindfile.  Don’t procrastinate! Those who join earlier and have good mindfiles are most likely to make the jump to cyberspace sooner.

(Fred)  For those of you who would prefer to build your mindfiles by playing a game, Mike Clancy, at Terasem, has created the exciting maze-based, mindfile building game for the Android.  It’s addictive because the difficulty ramps up quickly with multiple layers of challenges.  While you are trying to build motor neurons inside a brain, plaques are obstructing your path and you have to avoid macrophages that are hunting you down!  Check it out on PersonalityMD.com.

(Linda)  If you want to dig deeper into the ideas of mindclones, mindfiles and mindware, go to that intriguing and challenging blog:   mindclones.blogspot.com.  Martine Rothblatt will treat you to fascinating discussions about these subjects that will take you far, far beyond what we are able to just sample lightly in these podcasts.

(Fred) Another blog that you don’t want miss is the new blog Terasemian.wordpress.com by Pastor Gabe of the Satellite Beach Ashram in Florida. You’ll find fascinating discussions about all things Terasemian. If you would like to read the text version of these podcasts, you will find them at truthsofterasem.wordpress.com. 

(Linda) If you’ve been enjoying the music that we use on this podcast series, it’s called Earthseed.  It’s the Terasem Anthem.  It was written by Martine Rothblatt, who also plays the flute and the keyboard.  If you’d like to experience that music in a video, with spectacular astronomical artwork, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Fred)  Join us, and our quest for an endless and joyful future…

(Linda)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length.


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