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Podcast No. 94  Posted 03/13/2012

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The “What” of Terasem  2.3-2.3.6

SUB TITLE:  A road map for our adventure into the future.

SUMMARY:  In this podcast we discuss the financial and administrative principles set forth in the Truths of Terasem, affirmations, celebrations and ceremonies designed to build and strengthen their own mindsets for living each day by the principles of education persistently, with diversity, unity and joyful immortality everywhere, via empathy and geothics.

Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.


(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast 94 on the Truths of Terasem.  As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “We must become the change we want to see.”

(Linda)  But how do we do that?  Look at all the New Year’s resolutions that never see the changes made real.  How can we become the change we want to see?  The visions and goals of Terasem are so far-reaching it sometimes seems like an impossible task to turn our feuding, mindless humanity into a collective consciousness devoted to diversity, unity and joyful immortality everywhere, guided by empathy and geoethics.

(Fred)  One of the most powerful ways to do this is something that has been used for thousands of years, and by almost all cultures.  It’s call “affirmation”.  We’ve talked about this before, in an earlier podcast.  Such things as rituals and meditation have a long history of helping people make changes in their lives.  If you want to live a life filled with joy and love, you won’t find it by spending all your time stewing over bad things that have happened, or plotting revenge.

(Linda)  One of the most inspiring examples of how a mental/physical feed-back loop can turn a frown into a smile and a distressed attitude into one of happiness is the scientifically documented work of Paul Eckman.  He showed conclusively that even if you feel depressed, the very act of smiling, even when you don’t feel like doing so, will lift your spirits.  And, of course, volumes have been written about positive benefits of meditation in controlling one’s emotional states.

(Fred) Religious and social groups throughout history have created rituals, which through repetition, helped people to replace old habits of thought and deed with new thought patterns they were resolved to master.  Understanding the value and power of affirmations, the founders of Terasem have created some inspiring rituals and affirmations to help us as we build toward our goals, to help us become the change we want to see.

(Linda)  Before we get into describing these, it is important to remember that Terasem values diversity with unity as the guiding principles for creating such a collective consciousness, for growing into the ‘god-ness’ we discussed in the last podcast.  Keep that firmly in mind as we describe the below rituals.  These are meant to be inspiring, helpful, and affirming.  In spite of the way some of the below Truths are worded, these celebrations and ceremonies are not meant to create “mandatory homogeneity”.  See them as suggestions.  If they do not work for you, perhaps you can help create others that will better serve your needs.  Okay, with that said, let’s jump right in.

(Fred)  2.3 says:  “Ritual Observances, the Way of Terasem, must be respected daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and quadrennially”.   This is easy enough.  Different observances will have differing periodicity.  Some will be suggested as daily practices, while others may only happen every four years!  There is a huge variety here.

(Linda) In 2.3.1 we find, “Religiously perform daily Exercise, Vitology, Unite Earth, Work Happily, Author-Self, Serenity, Utope-Self, Motivate, Astro, Sleep”.  Okay, here we go with a word too easily misunderstood, “Religiously”. The best example I can think of is something you said as we pulled out of the parking lot of the Airport Marina Hotel in Los Angeles after that memorable Third Annual Cryonics Conference.  You were just giving me a ride home because mine had fallen through.  You said something like, “Got your seat belt fastened?” and I replied, “I always buckle up!”  Little did you know at that point that when I was thirteen years old I’d gone through the windshield of a car on black ice and was then told, for months, that I’d never walk again.  I literally buckle up “religiously”.

(Fred)  Right!  And in this Truth, what’s being communicated is that it’s with precisely this kind of firmness and commitment that we should be exercising our bodies, respecting life of all kinds, seeking to promote the best unity of all humans, relish the productivity of whatever we are doing, do our mindfile work, maintain a mellow, positive state of gratitude, look forward to a joyful, endless future, will ourselves to move forward, look to the stars for inspiration, and rest well at night!

(Linda)  Wow!  What a way to put it.  Next is 2.3.2, where we find, “Insist upon a sundown-to-sundown Sabbath; rest weekly, sing Love Night, read, exercise, sexercise and transcendental meditation.”  This is, to put in the most dramatic way, “exquisitely poetic”. More simply, take one full day off each week to relax, ‘sing a song of Love’ to start the process of saying openly to those you treasure on the night you begin it, of what love has meant to you over the past week, immerse your mind in elevating ideas, give your physical body a chance to stretch and be energized, and promote your health and well-being through stimulation of bodies, minds and/or substrates in ways that give rise to feelings of ecstasy, and free yourself of your everyday cares to an even greater extent than in your four-hour-spaced Terasem connections, that are a part of an ideal daily lifestyle.

(Fred)  Great, the song that starts the weekly Love Nights is, in “Love Night, Love Night, Love is Around; Love Night, Love Night, Here Love can be Found.”  Those words, sung in unison, is what launches the reflection on what love has meant to each of us over the past week.

(Linda) And, moving onward, in we have: “Terasem’s our Source of Strength; Forever We Are One In the Same; Love Night, Love Night, Love is All Around.”  What that says to me is that if we are united in an unblemished way by finding value and joy in our respect for each other and cherish our shared, happy memories, the whole of what we are will be so strong that it will be like a lattice of diamond-like strength in our shared consciousness, that can exist in an endless way, virtually forever.

(Fred)  The next one, 2.3.3, is about monthly get-togethers.  It’s “Tenth of each month, at 10 o’clock, Gather for reading 30 sequential Truths of Terasem.”  We do more than just that.  We share music, art, poetry and left-brain ideas, and we do a Terasem Connection yoga.  The thirty Truths sometimes give us pause for lengthy reflection, or sometimes we move quickly on to yoga.  It brings all of us together, and although it’s not mentioned here, there’s a second time of day, 10 p.m., that’s an option for those who can’t make the morning time work, or it could be that in the future we’ll do this both times in a virtual reality like Second Life so that no matter what part of the world you’re in, it fits your schedule.

(Linda)  Then we move on to what happens every three months.  2.3.4 says: “Understand better Freedom, Nature, Obligation and Transcendence with ceremonies after each calendar quarter’s third Gathering, respectively.”  Here, the word “after” doesn’t mean “immediately after”.  In many cases, we get together for the monthly gathering at 10 a.m. and then the celebration of these four principles takes place at an evening meal we share, to which children and others we know are invited.  It’s a wonderfully close and warm time, but also accompanied by a review of deep and meaningful realizations about human freedom, the natural matrix of biological life from which we arose, our duties to the rest of humanity, as the Singularity approaches, and what kind of personal escalation of consciousness lies ahead for us.

(Fred)  That’s a great outline.  I’ll briefly review the specific wording we find in the Truths themselves:  “March 10th, Freedom Seder (recount tales of Slavery and Freedom).  June 10th, Festival of Trees (acknowledge the gifts of nature).  September 10th, Obligation to Fast strengthens us to resist temptation).  December 10th, Transcend our Selves (share with others).”

(Linda) Moving on to 2.3.5 we find: “Acknowledge the 10th of the 10th by reciting the Truths of Terasem entirely and celebrating collective advancements”.  That’s the October 10th each year when work of the previous year is recognized, and those who have made strides forward are moved to higher levels on those steps represented by the periodic chart of elements.  Hydrogen moves to Helium, Helium to Lithium, and so forth.  It’s great that Terasem has settled on this way of scaling its internal structure, and elsewhere in the Truths the significance of the various levels are discussed in more detail.

(Fred)  The last Element of this Expansion begins with 2.3.6: “Leap forward the 60th day of every leap year with a decision-making Convocation concluding March 4th.”  Every four years there’s a fantastic gathering of many days in which Terasem spirals up another whirl in its progression toward a distant, extropic destiny.

(Linda) The first sub-element is “Quadrennial decision-making occurs in four areas of competence, starting with consenting self-formed c-cubes into collective c-quads.”  From there, skipping the numerical sequence in which they are listed, we have, “Grouping c-quads into comparably sized mc-quads, each represented in the Flag,” then, “Allocating resources prioritized chronologically to (1) safe-keep Terasem homes, (2) maintain/resurrect Terasem cryonauts, (3) outreach education, and (4) create/maintain/extend cyberconsciousness.”

(Fred)  Moving to administrative and strategic planning, we find a basic roadmap. Zooming in, again without going into the exact numbering scheme, we have, “The Terasem Movement, Inc., and its sibling Foundation and Transreligion, shall maintain chronological lists of: Terasem homes, Terasem cryonauts, Terasem outreach education efforts, and Terasem cyberconsciousness responsibilities. In we have, “The Terasem Movements administer their budget to fund the chronological list entries approved at Convocations,” and that breaks down into, “In the event of budget scarcity full funding for earlier chronological entries trumps funding for later ones, and the Terasem Movements advise the Convocation how much surplus resources are available for new projects.”

(Linda)  Again, looking past the number system is helpful in this verbal presentation, and sometimes leads to better logical connectivity, as in, where removing the numbers itemizing the sub-elements, we have, “Resolving difficult questions of geoethics and nanotechnology, the Terasem Movement, Inc. shall reserve one-percent of its budget for analysis of geoethical nanotechnology and, the Terasem Movement, Inc. shall publish case studies in geoethical nanotechnology for use as legal precedent.”

(Fred)  All of this reminds me very much of the preliminary stages of developing a mission plan at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where the initial proposal states, in a very detailed outlined way, “Here are all of the subsystems we need for a flyby of all the outer planets and injection into interstellar space,” a mission first named Grand Tour and later changed to Voyager, as the mission moved into the detailed design stage at the system level, and then subsystem conceptual designs began.  It’s a wonderful sense now, with Terasem, of being at the start of planning for an intergalactic mission that doesn’t even wind up at the very edge of the visible universe, but goes on, forever.

(Linda)  Next week, we’ll revisit the theme of Terasem being a “transreligion” and why this means that no one need feel they need to leave their given religion behind.  Heck, even an old atheist like me can fit in!  We see that within Terasem, we are encouraged to respect all other major religious paradigms as they are consistent with and encompassed by Terasem.

(Fred)  Listeners who are new to these podcasts might wish to explore Terasem further by visiting the website where its principles are discussed and procedures for joining are given, at terasemfaith.net.  The goals of Terasem include migration into cyberspace over the remaining decades of this century, and they’re explained there, too.

(Linda) If you’d like to see how you can make a game of building your mindfile, Terasem’s powerful Android app, described at PersonalityMD.com, will make it all the more fun for you.   It results in personality profiles that are truly unique to you, and you also see how you compare to others geographically near you, with mindsets like yours.

(Fred)  And if you still need to blow a few more of your neurons, go to mindclones.blogspot.com for fascinating discussions about mindclones, mindfiles and mindware.  And if you want to read the text of our podcasts, to help to dig deeper into the details, or maybe find websites that you weren’t able to write down while listening to the podcast, go to truthsofterasem.wordpress.com.

(Linda) And don’t forget, those who join Terasem earlier and build good mindfiles are most likely to make the jump to cyberspace sooner.  So don’t procrastinate.  The longer you wait, the longer the line will get!

(Fred)  If you’ve been enjoying the music that we use on this podcast series, which runs full length at the end of each podcast, it’s called Earthseed.  It’s the Terasem Anthem written by Martine Rothblatt, who also plays the flute and the keyboard.  If you’d like to experience that music in a video, with spectacular inspiring artwork, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Linda)  Join us, and our quest for an endless and joyful future…

(Fred)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length.



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