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Podcast No. 83 Posted 01/10/2012

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The “Who” of Terasem  1.2 – 1.2.6

SUB TITLE:  Terasem as an Organization

SUMMARY:  Just as a car is a vehicle to transport our bodies, and our bodies are vehicles to transport our minds, the Terasem Organization is a vehicle, like an ocean liner, within which its network expects to safely ride through the Singularity and then outward into the Cosmos, endlessly in pursuit of joy that embraces the widest diversity by means of unity as to that goal, for the benefit of all kind sentient beings.

Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.


(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast 83 on the Truths of Terasem.

(Linda)  Today, we’re going to talk about Terasem as an organization.  Does the use of the term “organization” here in any way relate to the ideas in that old book about business, “Organization Man”, published in 1956?

(Fred)  No!  That book was far too much about conformity, pecking orders, and “getting ahead” by means that were highly competitive, and that’s not where Terasem is headed at all.  Terasem is not set up to be a top-down hierarchy like an industrial corporation, government, or even a dogma-driven church.  It’s a means to an end, like a sailing ship might have been to those trying to reach the “New World” five hundred years or so, ago.

(Linda)  Well, we know that Terasem is presently a cluster of corporate entities, though, don’t we?  And, they are organizationally distinct from the network of small, individually initiated groups we call c-cubes, so how does this work, in a synergistic and harmonious way?

(Fred)  Let’s think of those corporations as individually sponsored and supported nucleation points, all of them committed to the Truths of Terasem as an ideological base, intended to become more diverse as to leadership with time and growth.  They are non-profit, tax exempt entities with variations in mission and emphasis, but they all fit together well to form an overall development pattern, but that’s not the message of this set of Truths.

(Linda) Here, we’re most concerned with the idea that the heart and soul of Terasem is the network that will grow out of these starting points, like acorns become oak trees.  Along the way, the corporate structures provide a legally immortal, stable platform that will furnish a foundation for the growth of the “collective consciousness”, as it’s more generally termed within Terasem.

(Fred) These small, synergistic initiatives are expected to ‘pencil out’ and ‘pay their own way’, in order to grow, but in their context of being rooted in non-profit structures they are not intended to promise profits to shareholders, or serve as ways of building extravagant incomes for the individuals involved.  They are simply ways to link creative subgroups within Terasem to the world as it usually operates, legally and financially, in an efficient and seamless way.

(Linda)  The lead Truth in this Expansion is 1.2, “Organization:  The Terasem organization exists as a tool of the collective consciousness to facilitate its intent.”  That’s pretty general, but I think it fits what we’ve said up to this point.  And the first of the underlying set of Truths is 1.2.1:  “Intent for Terasem means the collective mission to achieve diversity, unity and joyful immortality everywhere.”  The word ‘intent’ seems central to both of these.

(Fred)  As you said it fits with what we’ve discussed so far.  The intent to “achieve diversity, unity and joyful immortality everywhere” is a restatement of a large part of the Terasem Pledge, very central to what we’re all about, and the first part about the organization being a “tool of the collective consciousness to facilitate its intent,” is equally clear.  The purpose of the organization is to serve the group in pursuit of the ends it’s dedicated to.  I think the main message here, like we said earlier, is that it’s not some kind of short term, exploitive business venture aimed to make profits for shareholders.

(Linda)  The next one is1.2.2:  “Never mistake the organization for Terasem, nor forsake the organization for expedience, convenience or misguidance”.  The term ‘Terasem’ is used to refer both to the organization and to the network and all of its members, the “collective consciousness”.  It is important to not confuse one with the other.   The organization is a group of corporate entities distinct from the collective consciousness.  How can we best interpret the part about not forsaking the organization for expedience, convenience or misguidance?

(Fred)  Forsaking would mean ‘doing without’ or ‘bypassing’ possibly.  The references to expedience and convenience mean not making Terasem part of a new development due to delays in working out consents one had agreed to, or pursuit of a short range profit that had risks where Terasem was concerned.

(Linda) A very broad set of possibilities could be implied.  As to ‘misguidance’, if we isolate that word so the phrase is, “Never forsake the organization for misguidance”, it might mean that if Terasem were to make a mistake in its operations, it would be an even larger mistake to abandon it or entirely disregard further guidance by it on that account alone.

(Fred) The semantics allow leeway for several different interpretations.  In terms of that sailing ship example we discussed earlier, it could mean that if the ship gets off course from time to time, the best choice of action might not be to jump overboard and start swimming in the direction one thinks is correct.  It’s in considering the broadest set of interpretations that we may get the most value, here.

(Linda)  Now we come to 1.2.3:  “Ta the organization, for Terasem is Ta, and Ta is the big view, not particular outcomes”. Ta is a term from Taoism meaning the big picture, the underlying reality of universal truths.  To use modern vernacular, focusing on “ta” means “don’t sweat the small stuff.”    Isolating the central idea, this Truth is saying: think of the organization in the long term, the big picture, the widest growth and outcomes.  Don’t judge it by how well one project or another turns out.

I worked on the Sea-Sat Project at Jet Propulsion Lab during the mid-1970’s where the goal was to map wave action over the oceans as part of an early attempt at weather prediction.  The system went into failure only a month or two after launch.  Shortly after that, though, Viking placed landers on Mars and two Voyager spacecraft made multiple planetary flybys and are now on their way into interstellar space, still sending back data.  Many other JPL missions have had very successful outcomes.  You don’t just dump the organization because it has a rough going now and then.

(Fred)  Exactly so.  In 1.2.4, the Truth is stated as follows: “Extropian infrastructures arise from the Terasem organization to out-compete entropy as do life-forms from nurturing environments.”  This takes us back to what we were talking about at the very beginning.  Terasem’s organizations are the nurturing starting points for its projects, and by “extropian infrastructures”, we are talking about parts of the network, Terasem’s “collective consciousness” that make successes of those projects.  Those that sprout from the Terasem organization, once they take root and spread, may extend their tendrils to the edge of the Cosmos and perhaps into other parts of the Multiverse, but their roots forever will have had their initial nourishment from the Terasem organization.

(Linda)  The next one seems similar, it’s 1.2.5:  “Network from the Terasem organization until all consciousness is connected and all the cosmos is controlled.”  Similar, but it’s a big one.  How inclusive is “all consciousness” supposed to be in this Truth?  Surely it doesn’t mean “every conscious entity in the entire Universe”, does it?

(Fred)  Although it looks like that on the surface, the dividing line here is the term “consciousness” itself.  Terasem presently defines consciousness as something very different from the Glasgow Coma Scale’s measure of ‘level of consciousness’, for a patient in a hospital.  At the basic level, Terasem qualifies ‘consciousness’ as a state of awareness with a high level of compassion and a cognitive grasp of rational ethics as well.

(Linda) These concepts recall the writings of Ray Kurweil in which we will use wirelessly networked nanotechnology to turn the dumb matter of the universe into smart matter so that we can control the physics that govern the universe.  Similarly, with all Terasem consciousness dispersed throughout the universe via nanotechnology-powered self-replicating systems, it will be literally true that all consciousness will be connected, surely all Terasem consciousness.

(Fred)  So far so good, but what about the part that says “all the cosmos is controlled”?  That sounds a little ominous, doesn’t it?  Every time I see something that sounds like a controlled,  monolithic, regimented sort of society, I get concerned.  How do we interpret this idea of controlling the cosmos?

(Linda)  My feeling about that is that it just means, ‘making the Cosmos safe to live in’.  Safe from avoidable oppression within Terasem’s sphere, safe from collapse due to failure to control cosmic physics, and in some ways it’s like saying that we have a satisfactory level of ‘law and order’ for those who want to live within a community where cruelty and slavery are not permitted or tolerated. If we do not control the cosmos, as specified in this Truth, we will be the helpless victims of its random asteroid impacts, stellar explosions and galactic collisions.

(Fred) In reference to that sailing ship example, there’s a term ‘water-tight integrity’ that means you don’t sink just because you have one big leak in the hull.  Safety is the key idea. All of us know there are limits.  Terasem’s spacecasts, for example, which are already in progress, are an attempt to safeguard against existential dangers, like the intrusion into the Solar System of a rogue black hole that would devour the Sun and all the planets as well.  However, as much as we might like, it may be a long day before Quasars can no longer spew hot cosmic gas for thousands of light years across their galaxies, incinerating literally hundreds or thousands of planetary systems that might lie in the way.  Realistically, just as there are presently “unsafe” neighborhoods in even the most well policed cities, for a long time we will have to be patient about networking all consciousness and controlling the cosmos.

(Linda)  Here’s the last one for today, Fred.  It’s 1.2.6:  “Treasure the Terasem organization as the magic yeast that inspires an ever-expanding technosphere of transhumanity.”  I like this one.  There’s a pretty good understanding of what’s meant by ‘transhumanity’, among those of us in Terasem, and ‘ever-expanding technosphere’ sounds like it’s pretty much the vision expressed in Ray Kurzweil’s book, The Singularity is Near.  I guess the idea is that if we can grow the Terasem Organization as a platform that nourishes these, it will be like a ‘magic yeast’ to the spread of interest in transhumanism and technology.

(Fred) What does yeast do, Linda?  With just a tiny bit of the nutrient with which it is surrounded, it creates bubbles of perfectly safe, hot gas, that causes bread to rise, to expand.  From Wikipedia:

“yeast ferments carbohydrates in the flour, including any sugar, producing carbon dioxide.”  And, “when this culture is kept in the right conditions, it will continue to grow and provide leavening for many years.”

(Linda) Elsewhere in the Truths of Terasem there’s a place or two where supporting Terasem is advocated because, “As Terasem rises, we all rise”!  The spread of transhumanism and the expansion of the technosphere, then, are like the rising of a loaf of bread, or perhaps ships all rising with the tide.

(Fred)  It’s a poetic way of describing what the Terasem organization is capable of.  Next week, we’re going to go beyond Terasem’s organization, its underlying non-profit corporate structures, into the subject of its ‘leadership’.

(Linda)  We’ll see how the network of Terasem might grow in the same way as a tree, from a tiny seed into a trunk, provided by Terasem’s Founders, with branches spreading in all directions with a great deal of diversity, but emphasizing certain critical areas such as geoethical nanotechnology, universal emulation, and cyber-resurrection, with scientific, economic and legal areas given special emphasis.

(Fred) There are guidelines for decision making and keeping the leadership in harmony with good consent practices, at the same time encouraging innovation.  Diversity is a necessary element in evolution, and unity is necessary for transcendance.

(Linda) Listeners who are new to these podcasts might want to explore Terasem further by visiting the website where its principles are discussed and procedures for joining are given, at terasemfaith.net.  The goals of Terasem include migration into cyberspace over the remaining decades of this century, and they’re explained there, too.

(Fred) If you’d like to see how you can make a game of building your mindfile, Terasem’s powerful new Android app, described at PersonalityMD.com, will make it all the more fun for you.   It results in personality profiles that are truly unique to you, and you also see how you compare to others geographically near you, with mindsets like yours.

(Linda)  And if you still need to blow a few more of your neurons, go to mindclones.blogspot.com for fascinating discussions about mindclones, mindfiles and mindware.  And if you want to read the text of our podcasts, to help to dig deeper into the details, or maybe find websites that you weren’t able to write down while listening to the podcast, go to truthsofterasem.wordpress.com.  And don’t forget, those who join Terasem earlier are most likely to make the jump to cyberspace sooner.  So don’t procrastinate.

(Fred)  If you’ve been enjoying the music that we use on this podcast series, which runs full length at the end of each podcast, it’s called Earthseed.  It’s the Terasem Anthem written by Martine Rothblatt, who also plays the flute and the keyboard.  If you’d like to experience that music in a video, with spectacular inspiring artwork, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.


(Linda)  Join us, in our quest for an endless and joyful future…

(Fred)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length. 


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