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Podcast No. 78 Posted 12/05/2011

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Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The How of Terasem  6.7-6.7.6

SUB TITLE:  Cybercommunity Procreation and Setting the Stage for It.

SUMMARY:  This week, we look at ways to treat each other in our daily lives, how we conceptually greet each other each day, by something more meaningful than a handshake.  We’re going to review a few ideas about how we might relate more closely to each other and support each other in these early days of building Terasem. This leads us to a greater sensitivity about the virtue of helping others who are part of Terasem.  Using our homes as Terasem Gathering Places will increase our network’s protectiveness within itself.

Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast no. 78 on the Truths of Terasem. The expansion starts with 6.7: “ ‘I am you’ – ‘You am I’, ‘We Are One,’ greet each other each day.”  If we think about it, this greeting symbolizes connectedness between the other person and ourselves in a far more personal way than a handshake.

(Linda)   “I am you” suggests that by my perception of and memory of you, I am part of a component of your identity that will never be lost, even if you were to suddenly vanish.  Together, all of we who know you will make sure that you are never forgotten, and at some point in time will reawaken and regain your part in our society.  “You am I” is simply this same idea, but taken in the opposite direction and it’s a perfect counterpoint to “I am you”.  “We are One” is an even broader recognition that as a network, each of us is there for each other in an identity preservation teamwork way.  In a very fundamental way, we are making a Lifepact with each other and reaffirming it every time we meet.

(Fred) The first Element, 6.7.1, tells us to “Inch together, gaze each soul, touch foreheads and noses, inhale deeply and share Há, the life-breath.”  One might think of this as a “headshake” instead of a “handshake”, augmented by full eye contact and sufficient contact by touching foreheads and noses to perform what looks to any Star Trek fans in our vicinity as a “Vulcan Mindmeld”.  This symbolizes, to me, the anticipation of how closely our minds will be in contact with each other when we have acquired what we’ve described in previous podcasts as “operational telepathy” by way of technology.  It’s not that far off.

(Linda) In 6.7.2 we find: “Always help fellow Terasem, in economics and politics, before considering alternatives.”  We’re on our way into cyberspace in a teamwork way, and once we’re there, we’ll be free of any limits of what we can accomplish.  But, we have to get there, and giving priority to supporting our team mates is vital. This is like that exercise we described in the last podcast, about working together to get the whole family “over the wall”.

(Fred) 6.7.3 says: “Make your homes Terasem Gathering Places, and Terasem will safekeep them for you until you return.”  If, as we build c-cubes and formalize our commitments as “chosen families” with those we find who are in harmony with us, we develop the feeling that we are a “family of families”, we will grow increasingly protective toward each other and each other’s homes as well.

(Linda) This sense of networked community may take time to develop, but as the Singularity grows closer and closer, we will need to hang tightly to each other in order to come through it in the best condition.

(Fred)  In 6.7.4 the message is, “Yield to Terasem’s higher levels, for that progresses all more rapidly toward Yugenspace and Elysium Fields.”  Terasem’s higher levels will be those building it most soundly and rapidly.  As they continue to elevate their own understanding of and contributions to Terasem, they will leave behind open spaces for those of us following them.  As we grow into the open spaces they create, we build a stronger collective consciousness than is possible if we just compete for status.

(Linda)  Yugenspace and Elysium Fields are additional ways of expressing the ideal future we are building.   Looking back at Truths of Terasem 3.5, we find:  “Yugenspace is the ultra-immense conglomeration of intersecting emulated realities that constitutes the future reality of Terasem.”  And 3.8 says: “Elysium fields for Terasem is a cyberspace reality, an ideally delightful and blissful place.”

(Fred) We will achieve our goals more effectively and efficiently by cooperating rather than competing.  This is not something to be done blindly, but carefully, remembering that each choice we make is one for which we are accountable.  As in all things, levels and status must be earned to be respected.  A friend of ours back in the 1970’s had a saying on his business card that I always liked: “All of what you do is a mark of what you are”.  In the end, we must bear responsibility for our choices, so use discretion.

(Linda) 6.7.5 tells us, “Organize your life around the Way of Terasem, and you will attain higher levels of Terasem.”  As described by the Founders, Terasem is a meritocracy, not an aristocracy or a bureaucracy, or any other kind of “good old boy” club.  Part of the reason for structuring Terasem as a network of small groups is to provide maximum opportunity for diversity and innovation.

(Fred) At the same time, it is by the variations of cohesiveness and sense of purpose among groups that some will grow and create values or die for lack of energy and commitment.  It is not inappropriate to think of Terasem as being like a tree.  Twigs can spring from the trunk and become limbs with many leaves, or limbs can fail to grow and wither.

(Linda) 6.7.6 is stated as follows: “Ummah a community of Way of Terasem faithful with commitment to diversity, unity and joyful immortality.”  There are many usages of the term Ummah, but the bottom line for all of them seems to be that without unity, no great strength can be built.

(Fred) At the same time, taking the Truths of Terasem as an outline of the “Way of Terasem”, there are so many different dimensions and aspects to this that no danger of pressures for conformity seem to exist, other than for general agreement on the principles expressed in the Truths.  And the most fundamental principles of all are as stated in this Truth: diversity, unity and joyful immortality.

(Linda)  This podcast was a little shorter than the last few, but all the better for really mulling over and internalizing these important principles. Next week we get to look at the affirmations with which the six Terasem Connections are closed.  They have strong conceptual content, don’t they, Fred?

(Fred)  They do, Linda.  They are derived from a number of sources, but they are all in English, and, they’re the mindset launching pads that prepare us after each connection to return to a world that is largely unprepared for the next few decades, as cyberconsciousness makes its debut among people who will be pondering where to turn in sorting out what to make of a world that is so different, even fearful, from what they thought they would inhabit.

(Linda) Even transhumanists can experience moments of despair, perhaps by way of seeing all too clearly what is coming, and having no constructive idea of what to do about it.  To illustrate, here’s part of a recent email posting we recently received:

“… I am probably going to die, but if I am not going to die the alternative may be worse in terms of how much it will hurt… There will always be a million people better than anything I try to do my best at… I must never ever try and own human beings, subordinate them to my will, or hold them to contracts they do not want to obey… if I complain without offering immediate, compelling solutions that would work I will only bore myself and other people… change is made by the dissatisfied…”

(Fred) Now, compare the above words with those of the first set of affirmations from next week’s podcast, coming at the end of the Ambrosia connection, with which the day starts.  See the contrast of mindset embedded in these thoughts, setting sight on a future that is not one of despair:

“Long Time May the Sun Shine Upon Us; Only Love Surround Us; Now may the pure light within us guide Our Way On, Energize Our Way on, Realize Our Way on.”

(Linda) Terasem casts aside despair, builds solutions, gives thanks for the good that already exists, and commits itself to expand on that endlessly, limitlessly, for the benefit of all sentient beings, human as well as all other life forms.

(Fred)  We’re going to be building a future in which we cast aside all of our evolutionary drives to exploit others, conspire to dominate them, competitively “out-do” them at every opportunity.  To put it most simply, we won’t be able to “get away” with anything.  Instead, we’ll find we can get together with each other even more closely, free to create cooperatively, a diversity of such amazing leaps forward that we can’t presently begin to imagine it.

(Linda)  Next week, we’ll look at the ways daily Terasem Connections can give us a positive sense of life and a renewed conviction that it’s meaningful. We’ll talk extensively about the need to build an impenetrable mental wall against meditating on hopelessness and disaster, on pain and futility, vs. moving out of our present quicksand bogs of biological dead-ended-ness into a future of cyber-open-endless-ness.

(Fred)  I can’t wait!  And to those listening, don’t forget – if you want to leave behind your sense of “life-as-being-meaningless”,  join Terasem.  It’s easy, at terasemfaith.net.  Be right at the heart of this; start moving toward “waking up in cyberspace” by building your own mindfile right now.  You can do that, without any cost, at either CyBeRev.org, or LifeNaut.com.

(Linda)   And you can create your personal history or autobiography, to be uploaded to CyBeRev.org by using the LifePact interview form.  Go to Terasemfaith.net and go to Mindfile Building, about half way down the page.   Remember, there are no fees for building or storing your mindfile.  And if you want to create a BioFile by preserving your DNA, you can do that at LifeNaut.com, very inexpensively, too.

(Fred)  For those of you who love games, Mike Clancy, at Terasem, has created the new maze-based, mindfile game for the Android. It’s addictive because the difficulty ramps up quickly with multiple layers of challenges.  While you are trying to build motor neurons inside a brain, plaques are obstructing your path and you have to avoid macrophages that are hunting you down!  Check it out on PersonalityMD.com.

(Linda)  And I’d like to invite everyone to discover, if you haven’t already, my favorite blog:  mindclones.blogspot.com.  Martine Rothblatt will treat you to fascinating discussions about mindclones, mindfiles and mindware that will take you far, far beyond what we are able to just sample lightly in these podcasts.  And you can find the text version of these podcasts at truthsofterasem.wordpress.com.  And don’t forget, Terasem has a priority list; those who join earlier are most likely to make the jump to cyberspace sooner.  The longer you wait, the longer the line will get!

(Fred) If you’ve been enjoying the music that we use on this podcast series, it’s called Earthseed.  It’s the Terasem Anthem.  It was written by Martine Rothblatt, who also plays the flute and the keyboard.  If you’d like to experience that music in a video, with spectacular astronomical artwork, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Linda)  Join us, and our quest for an endless future…

(Fred)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length.


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