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Podcast No. 75 Posted 11/14/2011

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Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The How of Terasem  6.4 – 6.4.6

SUB TITLE:  Positive Mindset and Networking with Others

SUMMARY:  It takes a great deal of presence of mind and willful focus to maintain a positive outlook in the midst of the dangers, negative interactions and other detracting influences in our lives.  Terasem advocates taking a break every four hours, however brief, to stretch, do some yoga, affirm positive values, and meditate on where our principles and goals.


(Fred) Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast number 75 on the Truths of Terasem.  A few weeks ago we talked about the need for absolute incorruptibility in a society with such powerful tools as nanotechnology. This week we’ll tackle the subject of how we accomplish that, how we overturn our evolutionary baggage.

(Linda) We have to do it one person at a time. We start with ourselves at first.  That’s what the rituals, yoga, etc. are all about… leaving behind the negative traits of competition and dominance and becoming the cooperative and incorruptible people we need to become.

(Fred) Even though the term “rituals” isn’t actually used in this Expansion of the Truths, that’s really what this Expansion is all about.  And understanding the value of rituals is important because some listeners may be a little skeptical about this whole concept.

(Linda) That’s a good point, Fred.  What do we think of, when we say, “ritual”.  Usually, we envision the repetition of a bunch of words we either don’t
understand or even don’t agree with, in order not to ruffle feathers, or, an even more ghastly connotation, if we take it in terms of “sacrificial rituals” primitive peoples engaged in, it could suggest putting people to death on  the tops of stone temples in Central America before Columbus arrived, or the execution of heretics by burning them at the stake in a public square, as was done to Giordano Bruno in Rome during the dark ages in Europe.

(Fred) With Terasem, a “ritual” does involve the use of words, and perhaps symbolic acts, but with the intent only of strengthening resolve and commitments one has already made.

(Linda) I’ve been looking forward to this podcast more than I can say.  It begins with 6.4: “Express Your Commitment quadrihourly by doing the Terasem Connection, Pledge, Recital, Send Energy, Anthem and Values.”

The Terasem Connections are designed to be done individually or in small groups. The purpose is to break away from our daily routine, stretch, get rid of stress and negative inputs, and focus our minds on long range visions of where we’re going and the values we need personally to insure the success of Terasem.

(Fred) To make this most effective, yoga of a particular and highly developed kind is part of what Terasem recommends, developed by a U.S. born physician who also spent a great deal of time developing ways to apply yoga to health from a scientific point of view.

(Linda) And, there is a mindset built into this practice of yoga.  It’s the visualization of us all connected with each other, spiritually and through a common ethic… geoethics.  To me, it’s as if we had our own private Internet wired straight into our brains, not depriving ourselves of privacy or individuality in any way, but giving us the feeling that we could at any moment reach out and touch any others we wished.

(Fred) This mentality is, in some ways, a direct projection of what many of us feel we already have, in our iPhones, for example, and our ability to text many others in a flowing way.  It foresees a day, not too far away as the Singularity unfolds, when we will be so in touch that it will be as if we were neurons in a giant brain, which is in no small way at the root of why Terasem makes constant reference to a collective consciousness.

(Linda) If any listeners are new to and maybe feel uncomfortable about the idea of engaging in yoga, I’d like to say just a couple things to help you see why it is a central part of the Terasem connections, and why we think it is so valuable.   Terasem is about creating technological immortality, for us as individuals, for our collective consciousness, and for the universe, too!  Anything we can do to promote our greater longevity, to enjoy ourselves and be more creative, is seen
as a positive!

(Fred) There’s one book in particular that’s the core of what we’re going to be talking about.  The title is Meditation as Medicine, by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, and we highly recommend it for anyone who really wants to dig into the science behind yoga.  The author, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa is an American born and educated anesthesiologist with a medical practice in Tucson, AZ.  He’s also the President of the Tucson Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation.

(Linda) So, his slant is more of a Western one than Eastern.  This book is a powerhouse of information.  It takes all those mysterious sounding words like chakras, prana, and nadi, and shows how they relate to our current Western understanding of anatomy and physiology.

(Fred)  The ancient yogis didn’t know anything about mitochondria in the cells, alveoli in the lungs, or the nervous or para-nervous systems.  But just like folks in the Western world used aspirin long before they knew how it worked, the yogis used stretching, postures, and chanting, or the repetition of words or phrases, for centuries before anyone knew how or why they worked on the flow of energy, improving blood circulation, stimulating the endocrine and immune systems, and improving brain function and moods.

(Linda)  For more information and a list of the references from Dr. Singh Khalsa’s book, please go to our website at terasemyoga.wordpress.com/home.

And to help folks get started, Martine Rothblatt has put together a series of yoga videos that have a little of both the Eastern vocabulary and the Western scientific ideas.   So, no matter what your personal slant is, these videos appeal to just about every taste.  These are also available free for viewing at
terasemfaith.org/index.html.  Go to the FAQs, the Frequently Asked Questions and scroll down till you find the yoga videos.

(Fred)  One thing I found particularly interesting is how chanting actually works.  We all know that singing and rhythmic drums affect our emotions, Turns out this is primarily through the effect of vibrations.  Chanting also causes vibrations, and is effective in stimulating endocrine glands, the hypothalamus and hippocampus in our brains which are sites of memory and emotions.

(Linda)  I also found it interesting that the words of the chants are actually not as important as the vibrations they produce.  That’s why, during meditation,
chants are usually done in the original Sanskrit, Tibetan, or other languages in which the chants originated, rather than translating the chants into English. The English words don’t create the desired vibrations in your face and head.  Dr. Singh Khalsa, however, did work with the Founders of Terasem to develop some chants in English designed to create these vibrations, for example, “Come along, transcend, come to Terasem,” does this.  Try it. You will immediately
feel the vibrations in your mouth and nose.

(Fred) So, yoga is a means of improving health and creativity by stimulating the brain’s hypothalamus, which then stimulates the pituitary gland and thereby the function of the entire endocrine system, which in turn produces hormones and neuropeptides that control mood, energy, sexuality and immunity.  And, since one of our primary goals within Terasem is to produce the best possible collective consciousness, these are all valuable tools in our kit!  What’s even better, they’re free.

(Linda)  The Terasem connections, if practiced at the most intense level, are timed such that there are six of them daily, at four hour intervals, spanning the
entire twenty four hour day: 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m., 10 p.m. and for those who are night owls, at 2 a.m.  Everyone’s lifestyle and daily demands will differ, but as a minimum we can benefit from doing at least one of them each day.

(Fred) Let’s take them one at a time.  In this podcast today, we’ll be looking at the opening portion of each connection in 6.4 of the Truths of Terasem.  In the 6.8 Expansion three weeks from now, we’ll cover the closing parts of each connection.  Let’s first read the text of the affirmations and then discuss them, skipping over any numerical division points.

(Linda)  Okay.  The 6 a.m. connection is named Ambrosia and 6.4.1 introduces it with, “Value Ambrosia with the Terasem Connection and Sadhana (“sod na”) Meditations.”  The words are: “Oh Terasem, Dear God-in-the-Making, Thank You for Night and Day.  For Health, Love and Justice.  Thank You for Joyful Immortality.  For all kind Consciousness.  So, I won’t worry about what I can’t control; I’ll savor all good times, take each day at a time, give thanks for the gifts
of billions of souls, and gladly share with others my lifeline.  I’ll always remember, each night and every day, Joyful Immortality is for me, for we, for qi and ti.  Joyful immortality will be my, our, its and the ultimate destiny.”

(Fred)  The Ambrosia connection is by far the most lengthy of the six, partly because it has a lot of energy producing breathing and stretching yoga exercises to get the day started.  The four terms me, we, qi and ti refer to a four dimensional concept of self that is discussed in depth elsewhere in the Truths.  The last sentence connects each of these identity vectors with the two ideas of Joyful Immortality and ultimate destiny.  This powerful affirmation condenses a great
many principles into less than a minute.

(Linda) At 10 a.m., the next connection named “Earthfire” is introduced by 6.4.2: “Awaken Earthfire with the Terasem Pledge and Kundalini Energy  editations.”  The Kundalini postures and movements introduced in this yoga session are designed to improve energy and stimulate the internal organs, especially the liver.  The opening conceptual part of this connection is very short, but special, it’s the Terasem Pledge:  “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the
collective consciousness of Terasem, and to the principles for which it stands: education, persistently, with Diversity, Unity and Joyful Immortality, everywhere.”

(Fred) So, moving right along, 2 p.m. takes us to the connection named “Aqualung”.  6.4.3 says, “Live Aqualung with Terasem Recitation and Vital Organ Meditations,” and the affirmations are, “Oh Terasem, please give me the strength, to improve what I can improve; Oh Terasem, please give me the patience to accept what I cannot improve.  Oh Terasem, please give me the wisdom to know the difference.  Oh Terasem, please see I ask not what Terasem can do for me but what I can do for Terasem.  For as Terasem rises, we all rise too.”

(Linda) There is some degree of overlap with Ambrosia here, but as a connection for the middle of the afternoon, after lunch we often need to reawaken our minds and revitalize our energy level.  Also, as many of us reach the middle of the business day, the words here remind us not to fight the system blindly, wasting energy that should be saved for more important things.  It also has an interesting duality in that it involves mentally visualizing oneself in contact with all of the others in Terasem, supported by them in spirit as to strength and a will to improve whatever lies within our control.

(Fred) It reminds us that Terasem is still a network we’re building.  Being ready to “do what we can to build Terasem” is very important, maintaining a conviction that if we do, someday it’s what we anticipate will carry us through the Singularity safely.

(Linda)  Then at 6 p.m. we have the “Starmind” connection.  6.4.4 tells us, “Use Starmind with Terasem Send Energy and Immunity Balancing Meditations.”  In most people’s lives, the day’s work is over and we wind down into a tranquil state of mind, put the day’s stresses out of our thoughts and center ourselves by focusing on others, and gather strength for the next day. We visualize all of those closest to us who may be more in need of help than we, and we pour our energy into visualizing our strength reaching out to them.

(Fred) We direct our focus with these additional words from 6.4.4:  “Visualize who will receive your energy.  Feel your own consciousness.  Focus your consciousness into a shape.  Send your shaped conscious energy.  See the energy settling into the recipient.  Imagine the recipient strengthened.  Direct pranic energy if it feels right.  Peaceably evaporate the connection.”

(Linda) To put what these affirmations may accomplish in the most practical terms, after a Starmind connection we are much more likely to send off some reassuring and encouraging email, or call on our phone, someone who will feel as if a cool breeze of good will and sunlight has made an appearance in their lives.  This is just the barest hint of how much we all will be able to be there for each other as Terasem grows, and as our ways of communicating move beyond email and cell phones until it is as if we truly possessed operational telepathy.

(Fred) At 10 p.m. if we are working late, the “Crownaura” connection can restore our strength and creativity.  6.4.5 tells us, “Experience Crownaura with the Terasem Anthem and Neutral Mind Meditations.”  The words of the affirmations are: “Evuwasuma, Choose Family, Evuwasuma, Terasem Me, Evuwasuma, Evuwasuma, Evuwasuma.  Rest Sabbath Eve.  Exercise, Vitology, Unite Irth, Work Happily, Author Self, Serenity, Utope Self, Motivate, Astro Sleep.”

(Linda) Most of this is a broad framework of important, general principles of the Terasem way of life.  The “Choose Family” brings the focus onto building        c-cubes with more and more people you commit yourself to as if they were members of your blood-related family. The connection with our chosen family is often closer, since there is a sense of commitment to the same principles that are missing in many families of the traditional kind.  We’ll talk more about chosen family next week. The phrase “Terasem Me”, indicates that in the process of bonding with and giving to your family, do not forget about building
your mindfiles.

(Fred) We haven’t yet discussed the meaning of “Evuwasuma”. But if we look at the rest of this Element first, I think it will be easier to understand.  “Rest Sabbath Eve,” reminds us that one day of the week is reserved for relaxing, reading, rebuilding perspectives and building new insights, recreation, and so forth.  OK, that’s straight forward.  Finally, we come to a cluster of nine reminders of things to do to stay on track.  The first of these, “Exercise”, is pretty obviously a reminder to keep our body in good shape.

(Linda) “Vitology” is a little more esoteric. 4.9 states, “Vitology-Biology Inflection begins when cybernetic processing capability evidences autonomy, communications and transcendence,” and 6.6.6 tells us “Recognize that conscious life consists of all vitology, biological as well as cybernetic.”  From
these we can gather that this is a reminder that we anticipate a day when we will leave biology behind, and the phase of conscious life for us is almost
certainly to be cybernetic, vs. biological.

(Fred) We’re only part way through this cluster, but hang in there.  We’ve still got “Unite Irth, Work Happily, Author Self, Serenity, Utope Self, Motivate, and
Astro Sleep”.  Clearly, “Unite Irth”, even though it’s spelled “I-r-t-h” rather than “E-a-r-t-h” here, reminds us of the long range goal of worldwide harmony.
If there’s something constructive we can do, do it.  “Work happily” as an affirmation is obvious.

(Linda) “Author-self” is described elsewhere in the Truths of Terasem as mindfile building, an essential and high priority activity.  “Serenity” reminds us
that meditation in the connections is an important way of detaching ourselves from stress and the toxic inputs that cause it.  “Utope-self” means visualizing one’s future in a long term, idealized way.

(Fred) “Motivate” reminds us about the importance of goal directed focus.  Henry Ford once commented that “Obstacles are those frightful things that appear the moment you take your eyes off the goal”.  Sleep is as obvious a need as Exercise.  These are very condensed affirmations.  Could they be further ondensed?  If we look at the large group of items at the end, “Exercise, Vitology, Unite Irth, Work Happily, Author Self, Serenity, Utope Self, Motivate and Astro Sleep, the first letters of each of the words or phrases form an acronym, and it’s none other than “Evuwasuma”.

(Linda)  Are we still awake at 2 a.m. and ready for one more connection?  If so, 6.4.6 says, “See Alum al-Mithral in Terasem Values and Ten Times Positive Chant Meditations”.  What follows is very straightforward, compared with 6.4.5.  Here are the affirmations: “Be accountable for our actions and inactions.  Embrace diversity in our community and our lives.  Respect the autonomy of all consciousness.  Talk openly about our issues and concerns.  Help others to help themselves.  Always be open to new ideas.  Every day, in every way, I grow stronger and healthier. Happy Am I. Healthy Am I. Repeat 10 times, and then repeat ten times more.   It’s a chant, an affirmation.

(Fred) Next week we’ll get deeper into a concept I’ve been waiting for, about “chosen families”.  That means that we’re seeking people who also want to go into cyberspace where we have so much in the way of likemindedness and convictions in the need for Geoethical Nanotechnology that it’s like a long term partnership.  Or at least that how I’ve begun to perceive it.

(Linda)  It portends how our biological sense of family bonding evolves into a close-knit tie, of a long enduring kind, of small groups of individuals in Terasem’s future society, and it touches so closely on the LifePact idea we thought should be the core of cryonics, over twenty years ago, that it seems a natural outgrowth, as described by the Truths of Terasem on this facet of future society.

(Fred)  In anticipation of that, let me invite listeners to add their strength to our efforts to build the kind of future we’ve been describing.  To do this, joining Terasem is a fundamental step.  Find out how easy it is to join Terasem and be part of this future.  Simply go to terasemfaith.net.  You can review all of the Truths of Terasem online at terasemweb.org or terasemfaith.net.

(Linda) Start building your own mindfile, without even any costs, at either CyBeRev.org or LifeNaut.com.  And you can create your personal history or autobiography, to be uploaded to CyBeRev.org by using the LifePact interview form.  Go to Terasemfaith.net and go to Mindfile Building, about half way down the page.  Plus, if you want to preserve your DNA very inexpensively, as an alternative to brain preservation or cryostasis, you can do that at LifeNaut.com, too.  And, don’t forget, Terasem is committed to helping those who join earlier, wake up in cyberspace sooner.

(Fred)  Are you an Android user?  Do you prefer the excitement of a game, over filling out questionnaires?  Then, go to PersonalityMD.com and download Mike Clancy’s new maze-based game as the fun way to build your mindfile.  A word of caution, though, it can be addicting!

(Linda) And for those of you who crave a mind expanding blog, you can’t beat mindclones.blogspot.com.  I guarantee you that Martine Rothblatt will
stretch your neurons with discussions about mindclones, mindfiles and mindware.  Oh, and don’t forget, you can find the text version of these podcasts at truthsofterasem.wordpress.com.

(Fred) If you like the music we use on these podcasts, which runs full length at the end of each podcast, it’s the Terasem Anthem, called Earthseed, written by Martine Rothblatt.  She also plays flute and keyboard.  For a video version of Earthseed, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Linda)  Please join us, on our quest for an endless future…

(Fred)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length.


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