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Podcast No. 52 Posted 6/27/2011

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The “Where” of Terasem  3.10-3.10.6

SUB TITLE:  The basic architecture for building Terasem

SUMMARY:  Terasem is a network of small, harmoniously compatible groups, of groups, of groups, of groups, ad infinitum, sufficiently in tune with a common vision of what humanity can become, in fact what all sentient consciousness in the universe can become, that what lies ahead is nothing less than an endless adventure, free of the evolutionary baggage that finally allowed us to realize the possibility of leaving this behind, and moving outward into what Terasem so abstractly defines as “joyful immortality”.

Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast 52 on the Truths of Terasem.  Here, we’ll examine the way in which Terasem conceives its expansion, not as a top-down hierarchy, but as a team effort in leading the way into the future, where those who can do the most for the rest will lead, as we all follow a network of trails up a mountain that not only leads us to the top of it, but onward to the stars.

(Linda)  Sound sort of wildly ambitious, to me.  How can a thing like that be made to work?

(Fred)  First gradually, then exponentially, in a compounded way, as if a tipping point or hula-hoop-process were finally taking place.  There is a combination of acceptance of diversity and yet unity of purpose in the acceptance and honoring of such diversity, within reasonable and positive boundaries, that the cumulative effect is to welcome into it any who agree, temporarily deter any who wish to remain in a negative and competitive evolutionary state of mind, and in the end clean up all the things we find loathsome about humanity until it is as if we have brought all of us through a multi-stage filter, where the best is saved, and the earlier poisonous aspects of biological evolution are left behind.

(Linda)  That sounds even more extravagantly ambitious.  How do you get such a thing going?

(Fred)  First, you have to have someone who can grasp such a vision and then take affirmative action to make a reality of it.  That happened about a half-decade ago, when Martine Rothblatt had a fantastic vision on a Florida beach of so many interlinked aspects of what the future might hold that it would have blown away most of the neurons in most other biological brains.  Luckily, she only lost a few, and not only have they grown back but are stronger than ever.  In her series of postings on mindclones.blogspot.com she’s now building an easily understandable foundation for seeing what’s coming, without the necessity of grappling with the Truths of Terasem at all.

(Linda)  Ok, that sounds like a reasonably good first step.  What comes after that?

(Fred)  Then, you have to find a pair of goofy, wild eyed, advocates for life extension like you and I, who founded the Alcor Life Extension Foundation almost forty years ago, who see so much sense in that vision that with only the loss of a few more neurons we can attempt to use it as a foundation for seeing more deeply into it, by doing podcasts about it.  It’s true that we’re only taking the most preliminary, baby steps down the road toward this, but these podcasts are globally available and there will undoubtedly be better minds than ours who will add to it by their comments, then participation on the inner Terasem Forums, and in the end joining our quest to build such a future.  The reason for using the term “gradually” is that that’s exactly what it’s going to be like.

(Linda)  Recently, you said a little about “building tall but building even straighter”, and that seems to fit with the term “gradually”.  Do you want to go more deeply into that?

(Fred)  Yes.  It’s important.  We see an era coming in which there will be the emergence of cyberconscious beings which not only transcend human biology but will carry with them many of the evolutionary kinds of baggage which were necessary for competitive combative biological evolution in natural selection; baggage that now stands in the way of human advancement into a higher level of social synergy.

It took a lot for early bacterial to first evolve into multicellular organisms that had a high degree of biochemical synergy, then into organisms with the ability to stay ahead of other species of the same kinds competing for scarce resources,  then into developing sentience for a further edge in survival, and finally into the human tendencies we call “evil”, but without which we would never have reached our current stage of evolution.  It will take still more steps in psychological and ethical evolution to move to a state of synergy among human beings in a cyberspace environment where we will be able to have the same kinds of synergy that we now see manifested at an astronomically lower level, among the some one hundred trillion biological cells in our bodies, as we are now.

(Linda)  That’s a real “mouthful”!

(Fred)  I’d rather think of it as more of a “mindful”!  But at the same time, I could have lost a few neurons doing that.  Why don’t you pick it up, from here?

(Linda)   OK!  We start with 3.10 “Expand by consenting each appropriate self-organized Center of Critical Consciousness at the Quadrennial Terasem Convocation.”  Last week we talked about c-cubes, the most rudimentary level of Terasem’s organization.  Even if you don’t have a c-cube near you, as a single individual you can become a “joiner” and then self-designate yourself as a c-cube, and begin to assimilate ideas about Terasem.

Then, as you probe more and more deeply into Terasem and gather a sense of purpose about it, a time will come when you are contributing to its expansion in some way that those who sponsor these every-four-year events called convocations will want to recognize you as a c-quad, which stands for “Consented Critical Center of Consciousness”.  At that point, you will have formally entered a state where you, or rather all the members of your c-cube are part of the network that “consents” to bringing other c-cubes in.

It is by this “consent” process that Terasem grows, and it’s very “organic”, if we can use that word for it.  Just as a tree springs from its roots and branches outward, perhaps with such large limbs that some touch the ground and send down more roots, like a Banyan Tree, Terasem is conceived to expand in such a way that those who do the most, lead the way, always with the obligation to help others rise and in some cases lead the way, so you can rest up a little.  This is the same kind of teamwork that inspires mountain climbing teams as well as deep cave survey project people to feel so akin to each other that it’s far closer than any blood-family relationship imaginable.

(Fred)  Whoa!  You beat me in bringing up cave teams this time, but that’s OK.  From a standpoint of pure enthusiasm, you’ve always outdone me in that respect, even though I was actively caving when you were only eight years old.  Let’s move on.  Next, we come to 3.10.1  “Center yourself at one or more Terasem centers of critical consciousness (c-cubes or c-quads).”  This means, as I take it, “affiliate” with others in Terasem.  If you’re an individually designated c-cube, find others to join with, presumably others who have “joined” Terasem, and work as a team toward goals that will qualify you as a c-quad, at the same time remembering that this kind of thing takes place only once every four years, and the next time for this is coming up next February.

(Linda)   Right!  That’s the “gradual” aspect of growth.  It seems, that we don’t expect people to grasp what Terasem’s broadest visions are quickly, but when they’re ready, we need their help the way a climber going up the most dangerous face in the world needs a below person back down the rock, ready to arrest their fall with a climbing rope if they slip.  Or, if you break a leg eight miles back into a complex cave system, it could take a week to get you out once a paramedic comes in and sets your leg.  In any case, this kind of thing doesn’t happen in just a short time or a mad dash.  Growth is expected to be gradual at first, but in the end it will compound exponentially.

(Fred)  Got me again, with that cave example!  In 3.10.2 we have,   “Every c-cube is consented to c-quad based solely on their commitment to the Truths of Terasem.”  Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to quote what we said last week, about that:

“In the Truths of Terasem, we find the seedlings, the DNA, of a set of visions that are perfectly open to interpretation and reconciliation with the laws of physical reality, tolerant of every kind of diversity as far as there are logical reasons to do so, that can unite us in a network of minds and the deepest kinds of feelings about our thoughts, that can stretch to the edge of the visible universe and beyond.”

In these podcasts, that’s *exactly* what we’re doing.  The Truths of Terasem are not like a straight jacket.  They’re far more like a jetpack in Second Life, that lets you fly to thousands of meters above the surface, or zoom over the surface so fast it has to unfold before you as if you were traveling faster than the speed of light.  “Commitment to the Truths of Terasem” is more than anything a commitment to be as open to visions as you can be, without forsaking anything in the way of commitment to a rational view of the physical universe, or the realities of human difficulties with which we are faced.

It’s important to note these caveats, as we go.  The Truths are not dogma; in fact they may be the most effective way to escape what so many of us find to be the worst of cultism and blind faith religiosity carried to their most extreme ends.

(Linda)  Those caveats are absolutely essential, so no one gets the wrong idea.  Now, we get to expand Terasem, with 3.10.3 which tells us, “New macro c-quads (mc-quads), affiliations of c-quads, shall be determined by Quadrennial Consensus of existing mc-quads.”  Well, as we will see shortly, it doesn’t just stop with the consenting to c-quads.  They in turn are anticipated to network among themselves into a higher level, called mc-quads.  Let’s take that to mean “multiple” c-quads, because the next step along the way is, in 3.10.4, stated as follows: “The Way of Terasem will guide consent to Decaquads, Hectaquads, Kiloquads, Megaquads, Gigaquads, Teraquads and Petaquads.”

Wikipedia tells us that “hecta” represents hundreds, so we can see step-ups in order of magnitude from “multiple” to “tens” (Deca), hundreds, thousands, millions, billions and even trillions.  What about Teraquads and Petaquads?  What do they mean?

(Fred)  From Wikipedia, we get those prefixes in terms of computer memory sizes.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petabyte tells us, “A petabyte (derived from the SI prefix peta-) is a unit of information equal to one quadrillion (short scale) bytes, or 1000 terabytes. The unit symbol for the petabyte is PB. The prefix peta- (P) indicates a power of 1000.”

Carrying this further, wikipedia defines the exabyte, zettabyte, and yottabyte as having ten to the eighteenth, twenty first, and twenty fourth powers, meaning respectively, one thousand quadrillion, one million quadrillion, and one billion quadrillion units of computational memory.  If it’s as big a universe as we imagine, we might need exacubes, zettacubes, or even yottacubes to get the job done, but mathematics is able to accommodate whatever we might wish.

(Linda)  Is the observable universe that big?  Do we need that many consented “quads” to do that?  And do members of the yottacubes all have green ears?

(Fred)  (laughing)  Not ‘Yoda’ as in the Jedi Master named Yoda, but spelled yotta!  Current estimates are typically 100 billion stars per galaxy and 100 billion galaxies, so that’s ten to the twenty second power stars, with the potential for as many as one or more life-hospitable worlds per star.  With a single zettacube, we’d have to cover ten stars with each      c-quad, where with a nice, round yottacube; we’d be able to identity as many as one hundred c-quads per star.

Assuming an inhabited planet that’s about to destroy itself with grey goo, it might not be a bad idea to have a hundred c-quads to help try to save the planet,  There could be tens of billions of squabbling cyberbeings recently emerged into cyberspace who haven’t shed their bio-baggage yet, and not sure how to solve their societal problems!  Even if we think and act at 10,000x biological, that could be a big bag of worms, especially if those we’re trying to save were biologically evolved from “worms”.

(Linda)  We might need some Yoda Jedi Masters after all!  3.10.5  says, “Execute consensual decisions at the Quadrennial Convocation amongst the largest four size groupings of c-quads present.”  I guess that means that if we get to a Quadrennial and there are a hundred       c-quads in attendance, we take the four largest and they do the consenting?

(Fred)  Probably, but don’t forget, we’re at the very early stages, and the Truths of Terasem are the foundation, not the final structure.  By the time there are a hundred c-quads at a quadrennial, a tremendous amount of evolution, all consented to of course, may have taken place in deciding how to best manage the growth.  In the original Truths, we have the core of what can be built upon them.

Earlier, you asked me to build upon an idea we discussed a few days ago, about building strait and tall.  I’m going to say a few things about that.

There’s an old saying that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  We’ve seen that work, in how evolutionary drives can create Nazi regimes, communist totalitarian hells, and even militaristic dictatorships that pervert certain kinds of Buddhist ideas into the most incompassionate kinds of brutality in the orient.

So, we need a different paradigm for Terasem, which envisions in its furthest limits such trans-finite terms as omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.  We need an absolutely new standard, for ethical thinking and behavior, here one very strong possibility for that:

“Absolute power must be absolutely incorruptible, and any lesser power must be sufficiently incorruptible to exceed the standard set for absolute power, so that the potential for corruption may be held to an infinitesimal level, at every power level.”

Within decades, cyberpersonalities may well “rule the world”.  It is not going to be tolerable to have worlds as portrayed in movies like Matrix, Terminator, or Blade Runner, so this new standard must prevail, or we may be doomed to self-destruction.  Terasem is determined not to let this happen.  We seek others who agree with this and have the foresight to join in this mission.

As a simpler illustration, that may help, around us all the time we see many examples of what must be done.  They are in the form of sky scrapers.  Here, in the most elegant and visible way, is the evidence that incorruptibility must always exceed power.  In the design of a skyscraper, if it is not only well designed, but almost perfectly vertical, it will eventually fall over, like the leaning tower of Pisa has been threatening to do for centuries.

The designers of skyscrapers must take into consideration soil studies, foundation earthquake resistance, and all factors like that.  You must always, always build straighter and stronger, with plenty of safety margin, in order to grow taller.  As we go into cyberspace, those networks that hold the most power must also be the most accountable, reliable, and as the foundation of it all, are the least corruptible of all.  At speeds of thought and action that could easily become thousands of times faster than those of biological beings, nothing less will do.

Terasem’s studies of Geoethical Nanotechnology are the most obvious surface indications of these concerns, but beneath them lies the more difficult to manage evolutionary drives that have to be largely modified or modulated if we are not to destroy ourselves.  Hence, the need for a new paradigm of relating power to incorruptibility.

Those who are leading the way need to be totally transparent; no hidden agendas, no “good old boys” clubs where “rank has its privileges” and, to put it in the bluntest way, no acceptance of such behaviors as “Cops don’t give DUI tickets to other cop’s spouses!”  If you don’t think it works that way, ask cops; they’ll either confirm this, or they’ll lie.  There’s no third alternative.  We have to get rid of that stuff, if we are not to destroy ourselves.

(Linda)  Wow!  That takes my breath away, but we have to wind this up!  The last Element for this week is in 3.10.6 where we find, “Respect the responsibility of the Terasem Movements, in longevity order, to organize and operate the Convocations.”  Terasem Movements are non-profit, incorporated organizations that currently provide us with the immortal, tax-exempt legal structures under which we can pursue Terasem’s visions.  As stated elsewhere in the Truths, they are separate and must not be confused with Terasem itself, the network, but they must be taken care of and respected, just as the crew of a ship on a dangerous sea must take care of the ship, if they and all their passengers are to survive.  This, of all those in this expansion, is the most easily understood, perhaps.

(Fred)  This, for all of you who have followed the podcasts, wraps up our first full year.  We’ve now finished all of the Truths of Terasem. Last July when we began, we started halfway through, and did several “doubles” to finish the year on time, but now, we’ve made a podcast on all of them.  From here on, you’ll see us spiral upwards, adding quotations and information from many sources, and building upon what year by year will be further growth in Terasem and the studies of all its affiliated components, both corporate and network.

(Linda)  I am so inspired to be at this point in the podcasts, looking forward to adding more insights into each upcoming podcast.  Next week, we move into the “When” of Terasem, its fourth precept, which states that it “arises whenever diversity, unity, and joyful immortality arise, which is soon in subjective time”.

In the elements of that precept, we’ll first examine subjective time itself, and what that means as compared with physical-reality time, which is where we make all of our scientific measurements, upon which all of our technology is based.  Our minds operate in a way where time can seem to move very slowly, or race by, and what we spend time on in our minds can be like the plodding of a tortoise, or the soaring of an eagle.  All of these are relevant to what Terasem can become, and it will be fascinating.

(Fred)   If you want to emerge in cyberspace sooner rather than later, then, as we said earlier, ‘joining’ Terasem is a very fundamental step.  We need your strength in helping to build tall and straight.  Find out more about joining Terasem at terasemfaith.net.  Be part of this exciting future, start building your mindfile at either CyBeRev.org or LifeNaut.com.  Remember, there are no fees for building or storing your mindfile.  And if you want to create a BioFile by preserving your DNA, you can do that at LifeNaut.com, very inexpensively, too.

(Linda)  For those of you who love games, Mike Clancy, at Terasem, has created the new maze-based, mindfile game for the Android. It’s addictive because the difficulty ramps up quickly with multiple layers of challenges.  While you are trying to build motor neurons inside a brain, plaques are obstructing your path and you have to avoid macrophages that are hunting you down!

(Fred)  Here’s the premise from the introduction to the app: “You are an artificial intelligence charged with controlling a nanobot inside a human brain. The brain belongs to a person who has just been resuscitated after being cryonically stored for almost 50 years. You have been chosen because, ironically, the person being restored to life is the same person on whom you (the AI) were based! Their mannerisms, personality, recollections, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and values were recorded and stored with the CyBeRev project and later coupled with mindware to create your digital persona”.  Check it out on PersonalityMD.com.

(Linda) And I’d like to invite everyone to discover, if you haven’t already, my favorite blog:  mindclones.blogspot.com.  Martine Rothblatt will treat you to fascinating discussions about mindclones, mindfiles and mindware that will take you far, far beyond what we are able to just sample lightly in these podcasts.  And you can find the text version of these podcasts at truthsofterasem.wordpress.com.

(Fred)  If you’ve been enjoying the music that we use on this podcast series, it’s called Earthseed.  It’s the Terasem Anthem.  It was written by Martine Rothblatt, who also plays the flute and the keyboard.  If you’d like to experience that music in a video, with spectacular astronomical artwork, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Linda)  Join us, and our quest for an endless future…

(Fred)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length. 


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