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Podcast No. 51 Posted 6/20/2011

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The “Where” of Terasem  3.9 – 3.9.6

SUB TITLE:  Terasem Centers of Critical Consciousness

SUMMARY:  This week, we look at Terasem’s first awakening places of critical consciousness.  These are real world places where Terasemers can meet.  We will also find that any Terasem Center of Critical Consciousness (called a c-cube) or Terasem Home is also a place to meet.

Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast 51 on the Truths of Terasem.  Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the very idea of centers of critical consciousness, and how they relate to physical meeting places.  There are already specific places named, but more than anything else they simply serve as illustrations, upon which to build the many future locations that are anticipated to emerge, compound exponentially, as Terasem expands.

(Linda)  Let me get this off to a rapid start, Fred, and then you can add commentary about both the specific places and the general principle.  We start with Truth 3.9 and go right through them, “Real world places to meet exist at Terasem’s first awakening places of critical consciousness.  Any Terasem Center of Critical Consciousness (c-cubed) or Terasem Home is also a place to meet. (that includes)        Satellite Beach, Florida, or in nearby indoor places of hospitality during inclement weather. (also) DuPont Circle, Washington, or in nearby indoor places of hospitality during inclement weather. (All of these are going to contain “or in nearby indoor places of hospitality during inclement weather”, so we won’t keep repeating that)… Belvedere Castle Overlook, New York, Bristol, Vermont, and Magog, Quebec.

(Fred)  To reflect briefly on what you’ve just covered, Linda, there are two major ideas in this podcast.  One is that any home is an acceptable place to meet, as a c-cube, and secondly, any place you can find in the way of an inspiring location will do also, with the idea that if it rains, you can ‘go inside’ and still have your gathering.  Terasem is literally ‘unbounded’ in the versatility it brings to its joiners and invited guests into the most vibrant kinds of sharings of visions.

(Linda)  And, there’s a little from the next podcast that fits so well as to be worth including here.  A “c-cube” or the expansion of that, “Critical Center of Consciousness”, requires only one person.  It can be you, yourself, united in spirit with all others in Terasem, that might choose to be anywhere from a rain forest in New Guinea to the top of Mount Everest, and there, linked in your spirit and mind with others in Terasem, you could feel, validly, as much ‘there with us” as if you were in the same room, for someday that is the way it will be.  We, in turn, can at the same time imagine that somewhere out there, there actually are Terasem joiners in the rainforests of New Guinea, or grouped together around that little mound of stones atop Mount Everest, with whom we are joined in spirit at the Terasem Times.

(Fred)  It’s different from “going to church” in a profound way, and yet, there *are* reasons for calling such parts of a gathering a “ritual”.  In the Truths of Terasem, we find the seedlings, the DNA, of a set of visions that are perfectly open to interpretation and reconciliation with the laws of physical reality, tolerant of every kind of diversity as far as there are logical reasons to do so, that can unite us in a network of minds and the deepest kinds of feelings about our thoughts, that can stretch to the edge of the visible universe and beyond.

Such a network can not only go to such lengths in spirit, but it can transcend the limitations of physical reality, which soon in virtual reality will permit us to roughly emulate a space the size of what we believe the physical universe to have, but with no barriers such as the speed of light to stand in the way of travel within that virtual universe.  There, knit together with other minds that literally live within what we might choose someday to call an “Ultranet”, or even as Cosmos-Net, we may then expand gradually into the physical universe at whatever speeds seem most practical.

(Linda)  I know we’re diverting from the subject of physical meeting places a little at this point, Fred, but if we were to, as you say, expand our network into the physical universe gradually, and if we were to then have the barriers of light speed to contend with, how would we stay in touch with each other, as millions or even billions of years of real time passed?  How could we make that work?

(Fred)  I know what you’re saying, Linda, and for a moment, let’s assume that the speed of light is an ultimate boundary for us, and let’s also assume that our transcendence of biological speeds of thought and action are limited too, perhaps so that subjective time expansion is not so rapid as we might presently foresee.  Still, there’s a way.

To begin with, as we spread outward, it would be by replicating our entire civilization in the form of information, so that all of our individual personalities would be part of a ‘master DNA’, continuously evolving in real time, as they spun outward like seeds in all directions, not just across the Milky Way, but beyond.  Our “Cosmos-Nets” would evolve as we traveled, spinning out new ideas and relaying those back to others slowly as they in turn moved outward, but by then we would have evolved our sense of ethical harmony and riddance of evolutionary negative baggage so it would be a sharing of discoveries and realizations of a constructive kind, rather than a set of red-flags as to what to watch out for.

By then, dangers of grey goo should be long past, and we should be able to help other emergent civilizations who are on the brink of self-destruction avoid it, if we encounter them, and/or we should be able to join easily and synergistically with other cultures like our own, if we encounter them, which by that time should have evolved far beyond the kind of blindly evolutionary drives which underlay the emergence of the Nazi mentality that suppressed all cognitive reevaluation of ethics and turned their brainwashed subject into mindless zombies, until the events of World War II smashed that to pieces.

(Linda)  I know what you’re saying, Fred.  Long before we ever begin our outward expansion from the Solar System, we will have come to a common understanding among we humans, most of us having moved to a cyber-human state by then, as to the practicality of building a society that in the past we had to reserve to visions of a religious “heaven”, where all of those competitive, dominating, non-compassionate ways of treating others were a necessary part of biological evolution.

There, in that kind of actuality, a “cyberspace-based” heaven, leading back out into a nanobot based “physical-reality” heaven, we will have spent perhaps centuries of real time just savoring the Solar System and its planets, so that we are as familiar with the corona of the Sun as with the Asteroid Belts, the volcanoes on Io, or the depths of the oceans on some of those ice-moons of Jupiter or Saturn that might harbor warm underground seas of emergent lifeforms.  There’s time, lots of time, to sort out all those things we’ll have to take with us independently when we finally spring, Earthseed-like into exploring the immediate stars clusters of the local neighborhood, much less the depths of the Milky Way or true intergalactic space.

(Fred)  We do not know what the far future may hold, but we do know what the immediate future holds, and there, we must grow toward that distant vision, baby step by baby step, finding others that share those visions, joining with them to work out the rough edges, find new ways of realizing what may be possible, and building the strong places of Terasem for protection of mindfiles, mindware, VR environments, and so forth.  Now, we’re back to the subject of “where to meet”, just as next week we’ll be talking about “how to build networks”, and I’ve just a few thoughts on that which we’ve actually touched on before, that I find to be particularly inspiring, as to a vision of first, meeting places and then later, strong places for making a reality of our most urgent, immediate, goals.

(Linda)  (laughing)  You’re talking about “caves”, aren’t you?  You know I’m nuts about them.  Others may find this hard to grasp, but it’s perhaps part of what helped us imagine first that it might be fun to get frozen and be biologically reanimated, and now makes us even more inspired to combine that vision with what might await us in cyberspace and then exploration of the universe, bit by bit, century by century, in an endless way.  Am I on the right track?

(Fred) (also laughing)  Absolutely.  In a way, I look at caves as the earliest perceptions of what mankind might have thought of as a “doorway to a virtual heaven”, and “sanctuary from wild, predatory animals” that were far beneath the level of even their primitive tribes, and so forth.  Even now, walking over the hills of cave country, it is easy and actually very realistic to conceive of huge caverns that might be right beneath one’s feet, and still more inaccessible by far than any virtual reality on the Internet, true “Palaces of Wonders” yet to be discovered.

“Big Spring” in the Ozarks, generating miles of large passageway each year, that new cave just discovered in Vietnam where you could place a quarter mile string of 40 story buildings in a row in just one of the “Big Rooms”, and even Pishiboro Hole in the Arizona Mountains where we know there’s a huge Stalagmite a hundred feet high, a mile beyond a crawlway so dangerous that only small women and slim teenagers can get in and out safely, all of these are just an overture of what the possibilities may be.

(Linda)  The Terasem oriented vision is even more appealing to me.  Due to the only marginally economical way most beautiful commercial caverns are able to be kept running, it would be practical for emergent c-cubes and c-quads, Decaquads, Hectaquads, Kiloquads, Megaquads, Gigaquads, Teraquads  and Petaquads that Terasem sees coming to acquire and operate these caverns as tax-exempt education entities, with gorgeous underground dioramas of the future of cyberspace and nanobot space, while at the same time the totally inaccessible parts of such caverns could be devoted to the strong-place purposes of Terasem.

This, when it comes to be, could be a great way to make the most far reaching visions of Terasem visible, in the same way that it could enable the most tangible goals of  Terasem’s strong places priorities, but what can we do now, that might cost almost nothing and in some way take us toward such a future reality?

(Fred)  Easy!  As Terasemers, even if it’s only a few of us as c-cubes who elect to do so, we can visit commercial caverns, hold a little gathering there, even if it’s just one of us, take a few pictures, talk to the owners or managers in a friendly, conversational way about how the cavern’s doing, business wise, and how they see the future of it, and then post news of our gathering on Facebook and send anything we’ve found useful to Terasem by email.  We’ll have established another site for holding a c-cube meeting, visible to any other Terasemers who might wish to visit it and do the same, and have begun building a database for Terasem if emergent c-quads might want to consider such a thing.

(Linda)  Awesome!  Also, if any listeners want to pursue this as an avenue of special interest, we might mention that we’re both Life Members of the National Speleological Society; Fred, you’ve got a fifty-year pin, don’t you?  And joining this group not only gets you a fantastic color magazine about caves each month, but a chance to intersect with others around the country who are always holding “beginner’s cave trips”.  Some newbies might not want to take on a true “wild cave” experience that would require crawling through narrow passageways or rappelling down pits as their first experience!  But if this sounds interesting, just put “NSS and caving” into Google, and you’re there!

(Fred)  Don’t make it hard on them, Linda.  www.caves.org does it, even faster and easier.  Next week, we’ve going to literally “cave dive” our way into the depths of what Terasem envisions becoming, in its network of compatible groups that will eventually spread out into the universe and network however and wherever that may take us.  We may hold back a little on the speleological aspects, but the administrative content of the material for next week is straightforward enough so we may have to find ways of expanding, and you know where that might take us!

(Linda) (laughing)  I know, so let me preview next week.  We’ll look at the basic architecture of Terasem, the network of small, harmoniously compatible group of groups, of groups, of groups, ad infinitum, sufficiently in tune with a common vision of what humanity can become, in fact what all sentient consciousness in the universe can become, that what lies ahead is nothing less than an endless adventure, free of the evolutionary baggage that finally allowed us to realize the possibility of leaving this behind, and moving outward into what Terasem so abstractly defines as “joyful immortality”.

(Fred)  In anticipation of that, let me invite listeners to add their strength to our efforts to emerge in cyberspace as soon as possible.  To do this, joining Terasem is a fundamental step.  It simply means expressing agreement with Terasem’s most basic principles.  Find out how easy it is to join Terasem and be part of this future.  Simply go to terasemfaith.net.  Start building your own mindfile, without even any costs, at either CyBeRev.org or LifeNaut.com.  Plus, if you want to preserve your DNA very inexpensively, as an alternative to brain preservation or cryostasis, you can do that at LifeNaut.com, too.

(Linda)  Are you an Android user?  Do you prefer the excitement of a game, over filling out questionnaires?  Then, go to PersonalityMD.com and download Mike Clancy’s new maze-based game as the fun way to build your mindfile.  A word of caution, though, it can be addicting!

(Fred)  And for those of you who crave a mind expanding blog, you can’t beat mindclones.blogspot.com.  I guarantee you that Martine Rothblatt will stretch your neurons with discussions about mindclones, mindfiles and mindware.  Oh, and don’t forget, you can find the text version of these podcasts at truthsofterasem.wordpress.com.

(Linda)  If you like the music we use on these podcasts, it’s the Terasem Anthem, called Earthseed, written by Martine Rothblatt.  She also plays flute and keyboard.  For a video version of Earthseed, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Fred)  Join us, and our quest for an endless future…

(Linda)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length. 


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