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Podcast No. 46 Posted 5/30/2011

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The “Where” of Terasem  3.4 – 3.4.6

SUB TITLE:  Resurrected cyberlives will live in a heaven.

SUMMARY:  In this podcast we will see that since avoidable pain caused in emulated reality is as cruel as causing pain in original reality, vicious people will not be cyber-resurrected in that cruel state.  Resurrected cyberlives will live in a ‘heaven’, which is a hyper-detailed emulation virtually equivalent to ‘nirvana’.  And, happily, this will happen sooner than one might think!

Music  – “Earthseed” fades out, as the voice recording begins.

(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast 46 on the Truths of Terasem.  Today we’re going to delve even more deeply into the fact that the cybercivilization Terasem envisions generating will be more like heaven, absent of pain and dog-eat-dog exploitation, than we have dared discuss in the past.  And, it will stretch endlessly out in time and space, wherever that might lead.

(Linda)  I like the sound of that.  Is this about joyful immortality, then, that keystone of the Terasem pledge?

(Fred)  I say it’s more like Carl Sagan standing in Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop, showing drawings of spacecraft that were envisioned to approach the speed of light, in that Cosmos episode about relativity and circumnavigating the visible universe in a very short period of real time.  Joyful immortality may be a nice ‘door opener’ to arouse the basic idea, but in this expansion of the Truths of Terasem the door swings wide open and we get to zoom out into it.  Some may feel uncomfortable with the standard of ethics implied in such a ‘heaven’, but no one ever believed that a heaven would not have standards.  They just weren’t sure how it would work.  Here, we’re going to stare straight at that.

(Linda)  OK, let’s dig in.  This Expansion begins with 3.4  “Resurrected cyberlives will be in heaven because nasty realities won’t be coded, but loved ones will.”  Like it or not, we have to take the term ‘realities’ here to be an implication of ‘people’, but not in a direct or confrontational way.  There’s a saying that ‘people do bad things, but there are no bad people’, implying that ‘people’ are a dynamic manifestation of their past lives, but as self-conscious beings they are capable of reflecting on that and feeling remorse, compassion, and willingness to change.  So, the term ‘nasty realities’ may imply the unwillingness to place any person in a situation where a condition of ‘nastiness’ might prevail.

As a specific example, take a slum where people with little probability of rising above such ‘nastiness’ may largely engage in dealing in drugs and exploitation of others.  Such a slum would not be emulated, but individuals trapped in such an environment might be.  If emulated in a very different culture, such persons might ‘grow out of’ their past bad habits and adopt new, more inspiring ones.

One of the stories in the LifeQuest series titled “Birth Scars” by Thomas Donaldson is exactly about this.  A drug dealer arrogantly signs up for cryonics, to the amazement of the cryonics organization, and then shortly afterward is frozen after being machine gunned.  Centuries later, he awakens in a future society where there is no crime, no way to ‘make a living’ as he once did, no way to hurt anyone living there, and he begins a slow process of adoption of a role in that future society.

It’s a great story.  In fact, it’s so insiteful that we’ve devoted the front page of our website lifepact.com to it.  The site gives a brief introduction, and you can link directly to that story.  Just go to lifepact.com

(Fred)  Thanks, Linda.  If there was ever a story about how someone from a ‘nasty reality’ might still find his way to ‘heaven’, that’s the story.  Going deeper into the Truths for this week, we encounter  3.4.1 “Heaven is a hyper-detailed emulation of actuality virtually equivalent to a nirvanic naturality.”  In other words, it will be so much like the real world that at first, a new arrival wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  Then, he or she would find that this ‘emulation of actuality’ is a virtual reality that is so much like the future world of the drug dealer described above, that it is almost unnerving.

Truth 3.4.2 tells us, “Exponentiating information technology means data emulations of reality will be achieved very soon.”  To me, this means that virtual reality will be so acceptable a living environment, in ways that make living there almost undetectable from living here, that there will be plenty of room for everyone to ‘spread out and enjoy life’ as never before, with such little costs that the population and energy problems of today will cease to exist, for those who emigrate.  For those who don’t, only time will tell.

(Linda)  A recent article on KurzweilAI is an indication of this:  The title is “Move over, Einstein: machines will take it from here”, published in New Scientist Physics & Math — Mar 22, 2011:

“Researchers at Cornell University have developed an evolutionary computing algorithm called Eureqa that allows the laws of nature to be extracted from data at unheard of rates, says Michael Schmidt.

“Rather than coming up with a hypothesis to test, they carry out experiments first, feeding the data into their computer to discover the laws of nature.

“By randomly stringing together 10,000 simple mathematical expressions to create equations, Schmidt’s law-finding computer tested each equation to see how well it described the data. Some fit a little better than others.  Eureqa then “bred” these equations together to produce next-generation offspring that were different than the parents. Over thousands of generations, in one case, the computer discovered the law of conservation of energy.”

Lipson speculates that this kind of machine learning will become the scientific norm, and we humans will forever be playing catch-up: “This is a post-singularity vision of science,” he says.

Listeners who don’t subscribe to the KurzweilAI newsletter really should.  It keeps you abreast of news in biotech, genetics, nanotech, non-biological intelligence, etc.  Anyone who thinks we might be over playing our vision of the future, or how fast it will be upon us, only needs to start reading this daily newsletter to trade their skepticism for bewonderment!

(Fred)  Playing ‘catch-up’ is likely to be futile.  I think it’s likely you’re either going to be watching the future unfold from a seat in the stadium, if you’re determined to stay biological, or you’ll emulate into cyberspace and be out there on the playing field.  Perhaps some will do both.  They’ll do an emulation and hope that their cybertwin will ‘keep them up to date’, while they stay biological just to ‘play it safe’ and not risk personal loss of identity by fully committing themselves, but think of the implausibility of that.  If those in cyberspace experience a hundred or thousand years of subjective life during the same time it takes their biological twins to live just one year in real time, their life histories will be diverging at such great speeds that they will have a hard time relating to each other’s lives.

Moving on to 3.4.3 the message is, “Avoidable pain caused in emulated reality is as cruel as causing pain in original reality.”  If you’re ‘wired’ to experience tactile sensations in cyberspace, and you’re not protected from overload of sensations, then your experience must be that of pain.  It may thus be possible to avoid pain, but to circumvent that in another and then inflict pain could be just as harmful there as here.  In neither case will it be something the society of that day will tolerate.  They’ll use whatever technology is necessary to safeguard each other from that.

(Linda) in 3.4.4 we’re told, “Vicious people will not be cyber-resurrected because biocyberethics proscribes causing pain in data emulations of reality.”  If we assume that it is an ethical principle that you do not bring someone’s mindfiles to emulation except as originally established by them, and the person concerned has generated a personality profile that seems almost certain to disturb all around them, then this would certainly be a barrier.  If, in your ‘consent to be mindcloned’, you don’t specify that it is acceptable to be emulated without your harmful characteristics, it is likely that your wishes will be honored, but at the same time it is also highly likely that you will not be emulated.  The ‘paperwork’ will caution that this might be the outcome.  People who believe that it is natural and proper to generate poison, and then poison others, may paint themselves into corners from which it will be virtually impossible to escape, unless, as we have quoted several times from Michael Perry’s book, Forever for All, they choose to be cured of those negative characteristics.

It gets a little more positive in 3.4.5 “Effective immortality is achieved by dispersing throughout the galaxy and universe encoded data emulations of reality.”  Kurzweil, in The Singularity is Near, observes:

“But as we have seen, by late in this century nonbiological intelligence on the Earth will be many trillions (yes, that’s trillions with a “T”) of times more powerful than biological intelligence, so sending biological humans on such a mission would not make sense (he’s talking here about colonizing the galaxy, even the cosmos).  The same would be true for any other ETI civilization.  This is not simply a matter of biological humans sending robotic probes.  Human civilization by that time will be nonbiological for all practical purposes.

“These nonbiological sentries would not need to be very large and in fact would primarily comprise information.  It is true, however, that just sending information would not be sufficient, for some material-based device that can have a physical impact on other star and planetary systems must be present.  However, it would be sufficient for the probes to be self-replicating nanobots (note that a nanobot has nanoscale features but that the overall size of a nanobot is measured in microns).

“We could send swarms of many trillions of them, with some of these “seeds” taking root in another planetary system and then replicating by finding the appropriate materials, such as carbon and other needed elements, and building copies of themselves.

“Once established, the nanobot colony could obtain the additional information it needs to optimize its intelligence from pure information transmissions that involve only energy, not matter, and that are sent at the speed of light.  Unlike large organisms such as humans, these nanobots, being extremely small, could travel at close to the speed of light.”

(Fred)  The last Truth for this week is 3.4.6 “Nature is honored by         re-creation of the past and immortal preservation of joy and happiness.”

This is a fascinating perception, and it takes a little looking to see all the sides of it.  Just one of them is that by preserving biological life, or at least perfect emulations of them, we will be able to look backward in time and see our origins, just as looking outward in space we can see the echoes of the Big Bang.  Right now, we marvel at a Sequoia tree, thinking of it having been born thousands of years ago.  But suppose we have lived a thousand years in virtual realities in the same time that a biological human in a well kept haven here on planet earth has experienced only one year, and we ‘visit’ that haven to see how we were, a thousand years ago in real time.  That enormously slow moving, biologically metabolizing human being, possibly in perfect health, may still be doing pretty much the same thing ten years later in real time, while we ourselves will have experienced ten thousand years.  What a reminder it will be, to visit those biological havens of our past.

What will we be talking about, just next week, Linda, one week in real time from now, remembering that if we had thousandfold acceleration of thought and action, that one week would have taken nearly twenty years to pass?

(Linda)    Next week we’ll look at the big picture for Terasem, and what it calls Yugenspace.  We’ll look at how our human future involves being emulated and enabling each being to be in multiple environments at once, as well as using nanobot swarms to fully experience real reality. We will also look at how technology will create space for consciousness out of vacuum and void.

(Fred)  Start building your Mindfile right away at either CyBeRev.org or LifeNaut.com; it’s free.    Or, if you prefer to make a game of it, Terasem’s powerful new Android app, created by Mike Clancy and described at PersonalityMD.com will make it even more fun.

(Linda)  Still have some unanswered questions about mindfiles?  Go to Martine Rothblatt’s blog at mindfiles.blogspot.com.  If you want to preserve your DNA very inexpensively, you can do that at LifeNaut.com.  And find out more about joining Terasem at terasemfaith.net.

(Fred)  Don’t forget that these podcasts are available in text form at our site, truthsofterasem.wordpress.com, where you’ll also find tabs relating to storing DNA with LifeNaut, a “city of the future” in Second Life named after the great innovator Paolo Soleri, and you can download a copy of Dr. Perry’s book, Forever for All.

(Linda) If you’ve been enjoying the music that we use on this podcast series, it’s called Earthseed.  It’s the Terasem Anthem.  It was written by Martine Rothblatt, who also plays the flute and the keyboard.  If you’d like to experience that music in a video, with spectacular astronomical artwork, go to the Join! tab on the terasemfaith.net website.

(Fred)  Join us, and our quest for an endless future…

(Linda)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!

Closing music – no fade – full length.


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