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Podcast No. 21 on The Truths of Terasem – Posted on iTunes 12/20/2010

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The How of Terasem

SUB TITLE:  Longest Range, Most Concise, Visions of Terasem

SUMMARY:  In Terasem’s six Connections per day, we find short bursts of words that may seem enigmatically abstract, but which are congruent with longer affirmations in the Truths and even more broadly with the Truths as a whole.

 (Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast No. 21 on the Truths of Terasem.

(Linda)  This is the next-to-the-last podcast for the year, isn’t it.  The overall numbers of words seem a lot less than in earlier podcasts, too.

(Fred)  Sure, but that only gives an opportunity to look more deeply into them.  By comparison with next week’s podcast, the Truths for today are actually pretty wordy, but it’s all relative!  As the Summary published on iTunes audio states, these are, “Short bursts of words that may seem enigmatically abstract, but which are congruent with longer affirmations in the Truths and even more broadly with the Truths as a whole.”!

(Linda)  The lead-in Truth for this group reads, “6.9 Awareness of the Breath of the Multiverse in You, via yoga, connects Terasem to the Multiverse.”  What do you make of that?  Since it’s the preface to all of the underlying Truths for today, there should be some pretty profound depth to it, right?

(Fred)  True!  Let’s look at it closely, and see what one might not only be thinking, but visualizing, as these words pass through one’s mind!

The first nine words are, “Awareness of the Breath of the Multiverse in You,” and in the simplest terms this means that if you concentrate as you breathe in and out, you are aware of the sensations in your nose, throat and lungs, but then when you visualize the underlying meanings, the playing field expands considerably.  How might we interpret the four words, “Breath of the Multiverse,” for example?  And, how might we connect this with the five words that enclose them, “Awareness of the” and “in You”?

The word Multiverse is interpreted by Wikipedia as, “the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James.[1] The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.”  The Wikipedia entry is lengthy, and many other hits on Google exist, pointing to current studies on dark matter and particularly to “dark flow” as important, but in the Terasem Connections and in other parts of the Truths the terms Multiverse and Universe are used somewhat interchangeably, so for this discussion here let’s think of “Universe” as being sufficiently useful.

(Linda)  “Breath of the Multiverse” then can thus be thought of as “Breath of the gases of the Universe going in and out of our lungs” but, what actually is going in and out of our lungs?  Mostly oxygen and nitrogen, right?  And, How much of these are in the universe as a whole? 

(Fred)  If we ignore hydrogen and helium, the main constituents of stars but only trace amounts of which exist in the Earth’s atmosphere, oxygen is in the number one position, about three times as much of that as of nitrogen in  the universe.  Neon, a rare gas, is plentiful in the Universe but in the Earth’s atmosphere it’s only one sixty five thousandth by volume, so not much of it gets into any one of your breaths.

So, in each breath, we’re taking in and exhaling predominantly the most plentiful gasses in the Universe, by proportion of what’s available in the Earth’s atmosphere.  And, the rest of the words in the Truth are, “via yoga, connects Terasem to the Multiverse.”  Now, it’s easier.  All of the Terasem Connections are centered around Yoga exercises following the methods of Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., a physician in Tucson, AZ who has extensively studies ways of applying Yoga deep breathing and postures for medical benefits and mental relaxation.  What does it mean when we say, “connects Terasem to the Multiverse”?  It means that as you do this and these words run through your mind, you as part of Terasem are consciously exchanging real world matter with the rest of the Universe, perhaps in more than one parallel domain, and your awareness gives you a sense of the universal interconnectedness that we see evolving in its embryonic stages of mind to mind through the Internet toward a future state in which we are so in touch with each other, moment to moment, that all of us who are part of Terasem are like one huge family gathering, endlessly growing into what we will become, like an infinite field of flowers that will never wither or fade.

(Linda)  I get a very good feeling about that.  It’s a voluntary state of interconnectedness, of course, so only those who want to, need do it, but at the same time it builds on a harmonious sense of community that seems to be at the heart of most religious gatherings, and is perhaps why Terasem is so focused on describing itself as a “transreligion”.  Without recourse to mysticism, and without retreating into cold, hard, rationalism, it preserves the sense of belief in a future where no one need give up continuity of life except by free choice, no one is isolated or alone except by choosing to be so, and the harmony of life with unrestricted opportunity to be creative is likely to appeal to most of those who dreamed of that but never found it reasonable to hope that it was more than a dream.

(Fred)  Right!  Now, the first element of this expansion is, “6.9.1 Be ready to feel the why of Terasem as well as to cognitively understand it.”  It has four subsections, “Infinite life, Infinite breath, Endless diversity, and All unity and joy”.  The key to this is in the “Why” of Terasem, the entire fifth precept of the Truths of Terasem with ten Expansions and sixty underlying Elements.  As a way of interpreting this Truth, which is focused on (1) life, (2) breath, (3) diversity, (4) unity and (5) joy, I’ll try to condense all of the fifth precept into one, long sentence:

The “Why” of Terasem is that Terasem exists to connect the Multiverse by quests for diversity, unity and joyful immortality, utilizing transfinite capacities of knowledge, power, and goodness to purify away remnants of evolutionary natural selection necessary to our existence, retaining the best of emergent consciousness to ensure that Terasem and the individuals who comprise it enjoy an endless future, since the principle of extropy leads nowhere else, not forgetting that the vision of this sprang from an epiphany on a beach where the concurrence of a space shuttle launch and the trek of a procreative turtle led to the generation of the Truths of Terasem themselves, predicting that the Alam al-mithral of an emergent substrate-free community via cyberconsciousness would be the seed from which would spring a non-hierarchical collective consciousness, the only barrier to which might be a lack of faith that such an outcome was not just a pragmatic possibility, but an inevitable eventuality.

OK, I apologize for that one, long sentence, but if you were to go all the way through the entire fifth precept, you’d find that this is a balanced but sketchy way of capsulizing it, in addition to which I’ve added some material you won’t find anywhere in the Truths of Terasem, about a space shuttle launch and a giant sea turtle, that one of the Founders of Terasem publically discussed in a Teleplace conference and would gladly confirm, I’m sure, if you could get her aside for a moment, and again, I apologize for this second, unforgivably long sentence.

(Linda)  All very true, but I think an important part of the message is to not just conceptualize it, but to really feel the “Why” of Terasem in your heart.  The next Element is, 6.9.2 “Relax during Serenity Period each day, and Transcendental Meditation each Sabbath,” and it’s got a four part set of subsections I’ll read as one sentence, “I am a wave, an endless wave, on an ocean, of energy.”  Try to do that one in short sentences, will you, to avoid getting whacked on the back of your neck?

(Fred)  All right.  Here goes!  Pretty clearly, most of this is about placing one’s mind into a relaxed state, daily and weekly.  If you don’t stop to smell the roses, mentally, you lose long range focus.  We visualize ourselves as energy waves in harmony with each other, rolling endlessly into the future.  Waves of energy represent information superimposed on energy.  In the same way, the shapes and interconnections of our neurons are information, superimposed on biological substrates.  It is essentially the same thing.  Are those short sentences better?

(Linda)  Sure, but don’t overdo it!

(Fred)  OK, we’ll push on!  In 6.9.3 we find, “Exchanging breath-energy with the universe allows us to feel the immortal fabric of the Multiverse.”  I think your remark above applies.  You said, “Hey, this is simple, it’s about infinite life, breath, diversity, unity and joy, and all they’re saying is don’t just ‘think’ about these things, feel them!”  But, I went ahead with the long thing anyway, because of all the way it tied into the “Why” of Terasem.  So here, if we reflect that the air’s nitrogen and oxygen are predominately a very big part of the Universe and we ‘feel’ ourselves breathing in and out in a highly conscious way, that’s the important thing.  Right?

(Linda)  You’ve got it, ‘Clyde’!  But you’re not finished with 6.9.3 yet, so I’ll finish it for you.  The two subsections are, “The cosmos is in me; I am in the cosmos”.  They’re a suggested alternative mantra for meditation in one of the six daily Terasem Connections.

(Fred)  True.  6.9.4 is the same way.  Martine Rothblatt quotes 6.9.4 in one of her Connection Videos, in her comments on how one might wish to do it.  The words are, “Allowing only breath and no thoughts removes the daily obstacles that obscure the purpose of Terasem.”  To me, this is saying that we have to push aside the daily mental clutter, so long range visions stay in focus better, and that’s greatly aided by the ten minute ‘mental silence’ portions of the Connections’ yoga.

(Linda)  Makes sense to me, and we’re moving along better with shorter sentences.  I’m not going to let you forget that.  The underlying words in this one are simply three more alternative meditation mantras, and they’re “My aura is radiant, My aura is so pure; My mind is still, Like a reflecting pond; and, I am the breath, The breath breathes me.”  The words in the Connection videos aren’t exactly the same as these, but there’s no doubt that this is what they are.  Just to clarify, here’s how they’re used.  In the last pair, for example, you’d slowly say “I am the breath” four times during a slow inhale, and then “The breath breathes me” four times on the exhale.  These aren’t deep thoughts, in fact their very purpose is to help the mind remain in as quiet a state as possible.  The mantras in Buddhism, for example, are often just meaningless sounds, not actual words at all.

(Fred)  Yes – that’s how it works.  6.9.5 says, “Train yourself to stretch in ways that vitalize the unique energy patterns that are the Qi of I,” and the underlying words are, “Come along… Transcend… Come to Terasem.”  In this one, the tones and vibrations in facial muscles and the throat stimulate endocrine glands in the upper forebrain, isn’t that right?

(Linda)  True.  Dharma Singh Khalsa’s book, “Meditation as Medicine”, which we’ve discussed before, is very clear on that.  This is not just a call to attempt to draw others to Terasem, although from a surface viewpoint it could be taken that way.  It’s actually part of the unique yoga practice that Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, working with Martine Rothblatt, developed for the Terasem Connections.  This chant was adapted from ancient Indian practice, using English words that create the right kinds of vibrations.

(Fred)  We’re at the last Element of the day, 6.9.6, which tells us, “Happy Yoga is for all vitological life, biological as well as cybernetic, for breathing is emulatable.”  And the words are, “I bow before My highest self.  All consciousness Is one.”  The “I bow before my highest self” is a translation from an ancient Hindu group of words that do the endocrine stimulating thing, aren’t they?  I seem to remember that this one is related to “Ong – Namo… Guru Dev – Namo…”  Does that sound right?

(Linda)  That’s how I remember it.  And “All consciousness is one,” may have a translation from the Indian, also, but I don’t recall that one as clearly.  It has a profound meaning, though, in the sense that only if two people are “conscious” of each other, meaning deeply aware, are they “in touch”, and here, reciprocity of consciousness is essential.  It only takes one small step from that to envision a day when as Terasem evolves this interconnectivity will expand to signify a mutual awareness of each of us for the other.  With our biological substrates, as we are now, this is difficult to conceive, much less visualize, but we do expect to transcend those limitations shortly after we emerge into states of cyberconsciousness, true?

(Fred)  That’s the way I picture it.  Now, let’s preview next week’s podcast by reading the Truths in their entirety.  They’re extremely short, and they flow as if a short group of affirmations, but we’ll have a great deal to say about them.  Next week, the last podcast of the year, may carry more weight as to the individual survival of you listeners than you can imagine, at this point!

(Linda)  I’ll read them.  They begin with 6.10 and what follows goes all the way through to 6.10.6.  “Life is so queer, with its twists and turns, as all of us eventually learns.  Lots can go wrong, and you’ll be hard hit, so learn to rest, but don’t ever quit.  Each win is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt.  Adapt to your task, though walls seems high.  Remember success needs you to try.  No hit is too hard to give up the fight.  See victory is ours and we need your might.”

(Fred)  I love that little sequence of words, and what we’ll say about them next week will set the stage for the New Year, 2011.  That will be the first full year of the podcasts, on the Truths of Terasem, since we just began them last summer, halfway through.

(Linda)  Don’t forget –  there’s still time to “Join Terasem” before the end of the year, at terasemfaith.net. to be right at the heart of this, and now, there’s a video to help you learn the pledge, if that’s holding you back.  It’s at vimeo.com/17084888.  I’ll repeat that.  Vimeo.com/17084888.

(Fred)  Why would you want to “join” Terasem?  There’s a personal aspect to this we’ve mentioned before.  Terasem is set on helping people “make the jump” to Cyberspace via its CyBeRev and LifeNaut programs, but when that point is reached, priorities are set to do this in a progressive way, with emergence of those who have been part of Terasem the longest, so doing this in 2010 puts you just that much closer to being at the “head of the pack”.

(Linda)  You and I used to drive down to San Francisco each year for the weekend just before Memorial Day, to run Bay to Breakers, and we’d try to be in the parking garage by 7 a.m., not just to get a good parking place, but to be closer to the starting line.  There were always at least a couple of thousand people there by 7:30, even though the race didn’t start until 9 a.m., and by the time the starting gun went off, there were always about 50,000 people in the street, stretching back at least a half mile or so!  We were almost always at the “head of the pack”, each year.

(Fred)  Right.  The emigration into cyberspace may still be a decade or two off, but you need to have that much time to build your mindfiles anyway, to wake up with the closest “personality fit” to how you are now, with a sense that all of you memories are not just ‘there’, but clearer and more detailed than anything you can hope to manage right now with a purely biological brain.  So, joining Terasem in some ways is like getting a ticket out of one of those “take a number” machines, but on the other hand, it does require a bit of getting to know what Terasem is all about, in addition to memorizing the pledge.

(Linda)  We have to not take this too lightly.  The underlying principles of Terasem concerning Geoethical Nanotechnology are extremely important to Terasem’s mission, and the goal is to find people who understand why failure to approach the Singularity with these fully developed would be very risky.  Still, anyone who’s listening to these podcasts on a regular basis probably is aware enough of that so we shouldn’t have to say anything about it, except to get this invitation to join back on a more serious note.

(Fred)  Right!  So, while you’re waiting to figure out whether you want to actually ‘join’ Terasem, you can still be building your mindfiles at CyBeRev.org or LifeNaut.com, no fees to participate.

(Linda) True!  And mindclones.blogspot.com tells you all about mindfiles.  Next week, we’ll see how having a “keep on going no matter what” mindset is vital to your long term survival.

(Fred)  Join us, and our quest for an endless future…

(Linda)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!


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