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Podcast No. 13 on The Truths of Terasem – Posted on iTunes 10/25/2010

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The Why of Terasem

SUB TITLE:  Spreading Outward, Diversifying Limitlessly, Endlessly

SUMMARY:  Terasem perceives itself in terms of its present potential for transcendance, and extends this to a vision of an unlimited expansion.  We talk about how Terasem goes from where it is today to the utmost it can become, and why that makes sense, why it’s “going to work”!

(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast number 13 on the Truths of Terasem.

(Linda)  Thirteen?  That sounds unlucky, or even evil!  Halloween is almost here.  Is this about keeping ghosts and goblins away, or something like that?
(Fred)  That’s closer than you think, but in the opposite direction!  Today it’s the Truths of Terasem 5.4 through 5.5.6, where we talk about how Terasem goes from where it is today to the utmost it can become, and why that makes sense, why it’s “going to work”!

(Linda)  Well, that sounds better than “trick or treating”.  Is there anything we ought to know, before we get started?

(Fred)  There are some general ideas that could be helpful.  Six different ways in which diversity and growth interrelate are involved in the first Expansion, 5.4 through 5.4.6, and then we take a look at how to make that happen in the next Expansion, 5.5 through 5.5.6.  I’m not going to try to introduce them both at once because they represent different conceptual frameworks.  So, after the first set I’ll preview the second.  We’ll dig into the first set, alone, at this point.

Expansion 5.4 and its component elements are about “change”, “gender”, “knowledge”, “goodness”, “visibility of what’s going on”, and “how to get rid of cruelty”, not just here on Earth, but virtually everywhere.  These may sound unrelated, but until you see how they interrelate, so do “up”, “forward”, “sideways”, “future” and “parallel zones of existence”.  But, in this latter case, you can see that we’re talking about directionality in space, change with time, and the notion that there can be things going on all at once, side by side, but with very little in the way of interconnection.  Change, gender, knowledge, goodness, perceptual limits, and getting rid of cruelty are fundamental dimensions that Terasem defines as work areas, and even these words we’re using don’t do the underlying concepts justice.

(Linda) For example, take the term “cruelty”.  In a limited way, we may see this as the tendency for one conscious being to treat another in a way that is very insensitive to pain, or worse, intentionally causes pain to achieve a kind of bitter, malicious, warped form of “black joy”.
(Fred) That’s one way to take the word “cruelty”.  On the other hand, we frequently hear the term used to describe a state of high, cold wind, that chills one to the bone and not so many centuries ago could cause many to fall ill and die.  This aspect of the weather was termed a “cruel wind”.  The causing of pain or extreme discomfort was personified to imply intent to harm on the part of a conspicuously non-conscious phenomenon.

So, let’s assume that any words we use are subject to being broadly interpreted as to the viewpoint of context in which they are used.

Let’s begin by translating the terminology of 5.4 into what we’ve been talking about.  It’s stated as follows: (quote) “Terasem is transcendental, transgendered, transicient, transificent, transpotent, and transpresent.”  Taken one at a time, “transcendental” is interpreted as being engaged in processes of transcendence, which means rising above or beyond those conditions that presently exist.  We’ll see momentarily that this can be taken to be a generality covering all the rest.

“Transgendered” is straightforward.  It’s usually connected with sex change operations, but more generally it’s the implication that we can move beyond gender, not necessarily doing away with what we mean by it now, but broadening it to mean other interrelationships between two or more beings that can lead to offspring in a wider sense, and culminating in an unlimited ways of expanding upon what we have at present.  In talking about 5.4.2, we’ll pick up from this point.

(Linda) The next term is “transicient”, and is an interesting word, since it has no searchable presence on the Internet.
(Fred) However, its origin is clear from 5.4.3, which indicates that it is the transitional phase of moving toward omniscience by stating, “Transiscient Terasem knows much now, but will eventually become omniscient to ensure Multiversal connectedness.”  We’ll talk about that element of the Truths in a few moments, but at least we can now say what the word is supposed to mean, and it’s not complicated.  It’s merely the state of progressing toward the state of “omniscience”, transcending present states of what Buddhism terms “ignorance” to states of “less ignorance” or “more knowledge”, whichever you prefer.

“Transpotent” and “transpresent” are easy.  They lead to “omnipotent” and “omnipresent”, two absolute level ideas having to do with power and presence, or being some place in particular, perhaps many places, perhaps all places.  The “Trans” prefix, vs. “Omni”, simply means “on the way there” vs. “having arrived”.  Now, with that exploration of the terminology in 5.4 out of the way, let’s see where the underlying elements take us.
5.4.1 says, “Transcendental Terasem empathizes with those in pain, and thus guides Terasem toward replacing all pain with joy.”  That means that in our present state, we extend or couple our consciousness to those in pain, allowing ourselves to feel an intense state of empathy.  If we do this, we can more wholly commit ourselves toward working toward a future where pain will be vanquished, and all that will remain will be a state of joy.
This is one of the Truths to which I relate most strongly, and I’ll ask you to join me in a trip back to one of the saddest days on Planet Earth, the day of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001.
(Linda)  I guess it was one of those days like when John Kennedy was shot.  Everyone remembers where they were that day; what they were doing.   It was in the early morning and while getting ready to go to work, I turned on the TV to see what the weather was going to be like that day.  Instead of the weather I watched unbelieving, as a jet plane crashed into the World Trade Center.  I could tell from the commentators’ remarks that this was not just an action movie.  This was the real thing.   I called you, and minutes later we saw the second collision, followed by the collapse of first one, then both towers, and the story of what had happened began to unfold.
(Fred) This shocked the world, and we were only two of the billions whose hearts and minds were torn by the realization of what had happened.  All day long, I could not shake the vision of all those people who were trapped, crushed, still alive but knowing they were dying, in the tower.  The grossness of the inhumanity of those acts by religious fanatics took the form, in myself, of empathizing with those trapped in the collapsed skyscrapers, suffering unspeakable agony, the victims of blind fanaticism.  But my response was not just one of outrage and desire for vengeance.  Even more, it was a state of feeling connected to those suffering and dying in the huge pile of smoking rubble in downtown Manhattan.

At that time, my work involved the culturing of viable human cells for use in biotech analysis of the genome, or perhaps future cloning, and we had been having problems with fungal infestation overgrowth of the cells that were dividing in our supposedly sterile growth culture media.  I suspected that this was the result of carelessness on the part of one of the physicians taking the samples, not preparing the surface areas of the skin properly or in other ways disregarding sterile practice, but I wasn’t be sure.  The test might be to take samples of my own body, and then culture them, to see if this might be the source of the problem, vs. other postulated causes like poorly sterilized culture media.

So, on the evening of September 11, 2001, I went down to the lab, still shaking with feelings of empathy for those trapped in the tower, and took four samples from my right thigh for culturing.  It was enough of a difficulty to do this, without adding in the complication of any kind of anesthetic, so I did without it.

The procedure amounted to taking a wand with a tip like an empty 22 caliber rifle cartridge, and forcing it into the skin to a depth of about a half inch, twisting it so that it cut out a cylinder of tissue that then could be pulled loose with forceps and place in a media dish.  I told myself that I was experiencing the barest whiff of the pain being endured by those dying in the tower, and that in the pursuit of bettering life for many who might later have their cells saved and cultured by us, this was a very small price to pay.  By the way, my cell samples survived and multiplied perfectly, with no fungal infestation.  It moved our technology ahead by helping to pinpoint the source of a critical problem.  It was not, in the end, just a futile act, an expression of empathy.

After this episode of empathy and confrontation of it by self-infliction of (by comparison) very minor pain, I was able to more objectively relate to what had happened, and “live with it” more calmly.  Now, the memory of this experience helps me relate more strongly to those hundreds of millions who live on less than two dollars a day, ignored by those who blind themselves to the reality of what is going on.  Most importantly, it helps me see the relevance in this Truth of Terasem we have just reviewed.
With apologies for the time spent on that one item, let’s move on to 5.4.2, “Transgendered Terasem is beyond genre, and can suffuse anything, eventually expressing its will throughout the Multiverse.”  Earlier, in connection with this one, we said (effectively) that “Transgendered” means “moving beyond” gender, broadening it to relationships between multiple beings that lead to “offspring” and culminate in unlimited expansion of what we have at present.
(Linda)  That was very general and abstract.  Can we throw out some kind of “test example”?

(Fred)  Sure.  Suppose as cyberbeings we encountered a culture in our spread outward into the universe that was on the verge of a self-destructive Singularity, and we managed to help them achieve a harmonious network, a “collective consciousness” of the kind that helped we ourselves escape disaster at an earlier time.

In this example, we’ll assume that at least some of them were not wiped out in their Singularity, or even more optimistically almost all of them survived, and in that process so much harmony was produced that it was as if they had been rescued from a sea full of sharks.  Now, they became part of our society, grateful that we simply did not sit back and watch as they destroyed themselves.
Still, and here is where diversity is important, they might have vastly different origins from ours.  Suppose they had been an aquatic species of what we would think of as “Giant Squids” and had developed acoustical works of magnificent music, over ranges of vibration that greatly exceeded those of any of our aquatic mammals, and suppose they were now expanding upon these artistic works in our fast-paced cybercivilization, drawing upon emulated neurostructures so different from what we humans had evolved that their music was more different from ours than even our acoustically spoken language was from theirs.  And suppose they greatly admired what we had created in the way of music, and we greatly admired theirs.

Does it seem too much a leap of the imagination to suppose that one of our musicians and one of theirs might contemplate the blending of their two emulated neurostructures, to maximize the creative capacities in a new, hybrid cyberchild of the two, in effect a new “cyberspecies”?  What if it were not just one individual of our culture and one of theirs, but an entire orchestra on each side, who were cross-culture mating mindfiles and neuromatricies, perhaps more than one individual on each side contributing to each individual that came forth.  Does this not seem to “bridge the gap” in a “more than just transgendered” way?  And, where would this kind of thing end?

The answer is that Terasem does not envision any limit on such kinds of new-consciousness synthesis.  It only envisions a culture where the basic elements of the culture hinge on unity with diversity, education persistently, and joyful immortality everywhere.  It sounds so simple, but it can go so deep!
(Linda)  Gazowee!  That example was breath-taking!  I’d love to just stay here and expand on that even more, just for the inspiration of it, but, we have to keep moving.  Miles to go before we sleep!

(Fred) 5.4.3 is stated as follows: “Transiscient Terasem knows much now, but will eventually become omniscient to ensure Multiversal connectedness.”  This is far easier.  Only one shift of perspective is necessary, and that is the interpretation of “omniscience”.  The term can be interpreted to mean either “infinite knowledge” or “perfect knowledge”, and the boundaries of physical law lead us inescapably to the second interpretation.  But, what would we mean by “perfect knowledge”?  That might seem hard to specify, based on our present condition with miserably slow, error prone biological brains.  How could we even imagine such a thing?

It might help to see how ordinary humans worked their way around this already, and it wasn’t recent.  Here, we have to look back to the early days of Buddhism, about 3000 years ago, when the young Buddha claimed to have achieved a state of enlightenment, frequently translated as equivalent to “omniscience”.  What in the world could he have been talking about, at such a time?  Now, we know that as recently as the 20th Century, Tibetan Buddhism still taught that the Moon was internally illuminated, vs. reflecting light from the Sun.

This culture, for whatever other virtues it might have held, in many was darkly ignorant, of reality, thousands of years after the Buddha had died.  So, what validity could his claims of omniscience have had?

The answer comes in the interpretation of the word.  “Infinite knowledge” was not how a claim of “omniscience” must be taken.  It would be more correct to view this as a claim of “flawless knowledge”.  Still, how could it be flawless?  The answer is that the only way to be sure you are not wrong is to claim to know nothing at all; and, in that, one could be sure to be correct in claiming that one’s knowledge was flawless.

(Linda)  “Whoa!” That sounds like a cop-out, to say you have flawless knowledge because you know nothing!

(Fred)  Maybe, but there’s a silver lining to it too.  Many, many of our problems result from thinking we know exactly how a thing works, and loudly proclaiming how smart we are, when in fact we’re just guessing, wrong much of the time, frequently leading others into blind alleys and figuratively speaking shooting ourselves in the feet at every turn of the road.  That’s not too wise, either.

Terasem’s caveat of Transicience and extension of this to omniscience is far more than anything else a commitment to avoidance of wrongness by waiting to declare the correctness of something until our knowledge and understanding of it borders on certainty, and keeping our minds open to the possibility of error, always.

By means of the mental capacities we anticipate having in cyberspace, we will be easily able to afford being much more demanding of ourselves than now, where we are limited by all the shortcomings of our biological brains and our very embryonic level of knowledge as compared with what we expect to have after the Singularity.

What about the claim that long term “omniscience” will exist and ensure Multiversal connectedness?  Perhaps it is like saying that a time will come when we will look back on what we have now as so remotely low a state of cognitive power that we will marvel we were able to ever get ourselves into cyberspace at all.  But we will, and we will never forget how grateful we should be that the universe unfolded as it did, so that we could.  At such a time, we will have such a high state of unity on ethical principles that even if we are separated by communication gaps of millions of light years, we will feel perfectly confident that we are still synchronized with each other; connected in the sense of “being sure” that the harmony we once knew in close proximity is the same as it once was, and always will be.

(Linda)  I would say it a little differently.  I think that what the Buddha meant when he said he had reached a state of “enlightenment” was that he was able to rise above the animal state of consciousness, or sentience if you prefer, of blindly reacting to environmental inputs in an instinctual way, and that he had reached a level of consciousness where he was actually aware of his own thoughts and actions, and could contemplate the long range consequences, and develop ethics for responding to what was going on around him in the world.  Going from a state of almost no intellectual awareness, just blind DNA running the show, to one of transiscience leading to omniscience.  Again, I hear Carl Sagan whispering in my ear: “Star stuff contemplating the stars”.

(Fred) (That’s great!  It adds an important dimension that I left out.  With 5.4.4, we find, “Transificent Terasem can do much good now, but will eventually become omnificent to ensure Multiversal goodness.”  Put simply, this says we can be pretty good now, and eventually, perfect.  But what is “perfect”?  And what is the standard of “goodness” to begin with?  Let’s walk around the definition of “goodness” by saying that many of the other Truths of Terasem address that directly, ranging from “love” to the other side of the spectrum, “rationality and intelligence”, but the idea of becoming “all good”, which is one interpretation of omificence, can be equated to the idea of “totally ridding ourselves of badness”, a more realistic perspective.

(Linda) Will this ever be an absolute?
(Fred) Two things we can anticipate are that it will be piece-wise continuous in process; everything in nature is, and secondly, the approach to it will be exponentially accelerating all the way, and that at each level, lack of purity, that is freedom from badness, will become more like lack of 100% reliability, as to safety from self-destruction.

Badness is like poison, and if you want to survive, what you drink and eat must be poison free, to some extent.  The more high-tech the poison, the more pure what you consume must be made.  In the limit, one part in ten billion may be fatal.  If you want to carry it to that extreme, you might say that in a population of ten billion cyberbeings, one really “bad apple” might melt the whole of them down.

Surviving the Singularity, or a sequence of them, may be the ultimate test of natural selection.  We will only know how tough a test it is if we survive our own challenges and then explore the Cosmos, discovering as we go how many if any other sentient lifeforms have done the same, and how many disastrous outcomes may have resulted from the technological Singularities encountered by other species.

The rest of the Truths in 5.4 to 5.4.6 follow the same pattern as those we have already covered, and discussing them involves qualifying absolutes as we go.  5.4.5 says, “Transpresent Terasem is widely present now, but will eventually become omnipresent to ensure Multiversal survival.”  That can be taken to say, “We’re expanding rapidly now and before you know it we’ll be everywhere; the reason we’re doing that is to make sure we prevent the end of the universe, which might take place multibillion years from now, but be that as it may, our goal is to stabilize the universe as quickly as we can and put concerns of that kind behind us.

5.4.6  tells us, “Transpotent Terasem is powerful now, but will eventually become omnipotent to vanquish Multiversal cruelty.”  That says we’re building powerful tools to screen out cruelty in every way the word can be made sense of already, but with time we’ll be able to understand what is possible and have what it takes to do that in ways that work everywhere.  Back in the early discussion part of this podcast, we noted that cruelty has many different usages already.  Harsh weather might be described by the term “cruel wind”.  However pain or extreme discomfort might be caused, it is Terasem’s goal to put an end to that cause, to replace it with joy.
(Linda)  We’re already out of time, Fred, but we can’t stop.  Plunge into the second Expansion.  The Singularity gets closer, every second.

(Fred)  Right!  The next part of this is easier.  The words from the Truths themselves can be used as springboards.  We can go right through them.

First, 5.5 says, “Instinctual survival also applies to the Multiverse and the result is Terasem.”  This borrows from the evolutionary principle that among lower biological species, survival is “built in” or “wired in” however you might wish to say it, in a way we refer to as “instinct”.  Now, by a leap of the imagination, this Truth imputes that by the principle of extropy, the universe itself evolves self-aware life, that transcends and survives its Singularities, and then spreads consciousness throughout the universe, at the same time discovering laws of cosmic physics that permit this spreading network of consciousness (that’s what we take to be “Terasem”) to intervene and stabilize the universe, to make it, if we dare to say so, “immortal”.  This seems a bit poetic, to attribute “instinct” to the Cosmos, but it may match well with what follows in this Expansion’s elements.  Let’s look at them and see what we think.

5.5.1 says, “Randomness spawns rationality because it succeeds and success is self-perpetuating.”  I’d take that to mean that the random and simple, bulk-mass interacting materials of the early universe nurture the spontaneous emergence of life, which becomes conscious and then rational, with higher levels of rationality displacing lower levels by way of natural selection.  The Truth explains this, as I read it, by saying, in effect, “Rationality happens”, and it “happens because it succeeds and success is self-perpetuating”.
(Linda)  Kind of like my example of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

(Fred)  Yes, it fits here very well with these Truths.  In 5.5.2 we find, “Expect consciousness to emerge from rationality because it empowers survival.”  Terasem’s definition of consciousness includes the requirement of empathy as well as logical ethics.  This Truth might appear to assume that rationality will lead to rational ethics in the absence of empathy, but my view is that this is a minor inconsistency in wording, nothing else.  The leap to a full level of consciousness with empathy plus ethics is held elsewhere in the Truths of Terasem to be a fundamental necessity to survival of a social network, and what we see here seems to be a restatement of that, fitted to the other elements of this Expansion.
Moving on, in 5.5.3 we find “Spatial diversity is essential to survival because any one place is vulnerable to random destruction.”  In many of Terasem’s videos that cover Yoga meditation sessions that are referred to as “connections” as part of thoughts that relate to Terasem’s visions, we frequently find mention of cosmic catastrophes such as are known to be caused by Quasars, where streams of explosive radiation tens of thousands of light years in length that could easily incinerate very large numbers of stars and their planetary systems, such that their biospheres are extinguished.

It is a small step from that to assume that even developments of an advanced Terasem network might be reduced to dark matter and stellar debris in such an event.  And, there is the much more down to earth idea that it makes no sense to count on just one of Terasem’s data storage sites for mindfiles.  Backups are essential. There are too many disasters of a natural or man-made kind here on earth that could wipe out our identities. Other Truths of Terasem address this by reference to the requirements for “strong places” to ensure the survival of mindfiles.
5.5.4 states, “Unity of diverse consciousness can exert protection across space and time.”  This is conceptually about the same as the previous Truth, meaning that those lost in calamities either in our present, limited Earth based situation or even those lost in later galactic catastrophic events are conceived to be recoverable by means of, to put in the most mundane way, “backup mindfiles” that are not destroyed.

In 5.5.5, we have “Look to Terasem for the strength billions of souls have built into it.”  The number “billions” can be taken to mean either a network confined to planet Earth, near term, or later expansions in which the term “billions” can be taken as merely suggestive of the scope of consciousness that might be concerned.  I’ll quote briefly here from a novel soon to be published in which a message from space is received from a Terasem-like intelligence that has “made contact” with an early cybercivilization like ours that is about to be wiped out by a black hole’s devouring its star system.  Quoting… [quote] [size=2]Before we propose a possible course of action for you, let us give you a picture of what happens when we find an emergent form of life, as our survey of the universe continues, and let us give you some idea of how far we’ve come.  Based on your perception of the size of the universe, which is remarkably close to being right, we’ve surveyed, so far, some fifty billion galaxies, which is less than one tenth of what there are.  So far, we are the only civilization we’ve found which independently survived a Singularity-2, meaning replicator nanotech, but we’ve found somewhat less than a hundred thousand civilizations of sentient beings who have, with our aid, been able to launch a durable safe-pod and join us in our quest for the greatest number of sentient species, independently evolved from biological origins, who could contribute to our pool of experience.

The rest of the numbers are not so positive.  We’ve found biological life that emerged independently on over 10,000 quadrillion worlds, or ten million trillion of them if that’s easier to visualize, that had not reached the point of what we consider to be sentience, and there we “emulated” that life, so as to provide the greatest level of knowledge of how life may emerge spontaneously.  Of those that reached a stage of sentience, almost all proceeded to the point of cyberizing biological life and establishing civilization at the stage of post-Singularity-1.  The total is well over a quadrillion, but only about a hundred million of them were still alive when our survey reached them.  In almost every case, we found remnants of a grey goo event.  That means that of the some quadrillion worlds we found that reached Singularity-2, all but about one hundredth of a percent of them were “sterile”; grey goo infested.  We cleaned those worlds and left them lifeless, if you wish to call grey goo a life-form.  We go back to check on them from time to time.

So, what happened in the case of those hundred million species that were still active and sentient, pre-Singularity when we first found them?  Well, as we said, only about a hundred thousand of them made it, with our help, in saving at least a small fragment of their civilizations.  The other 99.9 percent didn’t make it at all.  We managed to save enough to make sense of what kind of civilization they had, and where it went wrong, but there all we saved were tiny groups of individuals trying to develop a safety-pod but never with enough support to make a reality of it.  They joined us as individuals, but the rest of their civilizations vanished; not even a safety pod for us to lift out.[/size=2] [/quote] With that for perspective, “billions of souls building strength” seems merely suggestive of the far greater scope of growth we anticipate in moving outward, than anything else.

The final element in this Expansion is, “5.5.6 Train-up a diverse, united and joyfully immortal consciousness, and it will rejuvenate the Multiverse.”  Here we’re back to the idea that from an embryonic starting point, expansion can take us where we’re going.  If the human body is the genomic expansion of a single cell into a hundred trillion or so, then it is not too great a stretch of the imagination to envision an initial c-quad of ten individuals, if equipped with the right socio-ideological framework, expanding its numbers to a network of one quadrillion.  If that network replicated itself in manner like that which was achieved by the single biological cell, now there would be ten to the 30th power individuals.  On that scale, a galaxy with only four times ten to the 11th power stars, that’s the Milky Way at four hundred billion star systems, sounds easily manageable.

(Linda)  What could I possibly add to that except to say: As usual, Fred, we’re out of time, and space as well, perhaps.  Before we start imagining a universe where this kind of expansion has led to so many individuals that their ten cubic centimeter identity modules can’t be “stuffed into it”, let’s preview the next podcast!

(Fred)  Thanks, Linda, for calling a halt to the over-expansion of this present podcast.  Next week we’re going to get out a microscope and have a look at how Terasem seems to have sprung from the mind of an individual gripped by a vision of a plausible, rational way to survive the Singularity, where two people in love could go on forever as a couple, the outgrowth of which was the Truths of Terasem as a starting point.  This “seed of a seed” which has gripped our imaginations as an outline for where life extension and all of Transhumanism may be headed, itself had a nucleation point.  That’s what 5.6 through 5.6.6 are all about.

(Linda)  Right, Fred, and then 5.7 through 5.7.6 translates all of what we talked about today into terms that are a glove-fit for what most conventional religions mean by “God”.  You and I, who started out as staunch, Objectivist atheists 40 years ago, certain that nothing like God existed, had no inkling that now we’d be exploring the idea that with the exponential expansion of a survivable cybercivilization outward into the universe, something like a god might emerge, and that the seeds of it might already be taking shape in the Transhumanist community.

(Fred)  I guess we ought to be an acid-test illustration of how this kind of thing might seem to make sense, but when you look at just the outline of that, it’s a wild blending of concepts.  If someone asked you to describe “God” to them and you replied, as the Truths of Terasem might, “It’s simply going to be an evolutionary outcome of exponential infotechnology based on the development of nanotechnology, which in turn depends on collective insistence upon Geoethics,” they might reply “That doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard talked about in Church, to date, and you’d have to reply, “Everything is changing as we get closer to the Singularity, and the curvature of space is even beginning to become visible!”

(Linda) I’ve never had so much fun with ideas before.  Is that why this is called “joyful immortality”?  Well, never-ending adventure in ideas is certainly the root of it.   Join Terasem” at terasemfaith.net if you want to “surf the Singularity” with us.

(Fred)  “Waking up in cyberspace” gets started by building mindfiles at  CyBeRev.org and/or LifeNaut.com, no fees to participate, and you can get the broadest picture of mindfiles at mindclones.blogspot.com.
(Linda)  Next week, we’ll see how the ideas of a love that can go on forever and surviving the singularity led to Terasem, and why, pushing that to the limit, it seems as if there’s no simple way of describing this without equating it to that age-old notion of there “being a God”.

(Fred)  Join us, and our quest for an endless future…

(Linda)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!


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