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Podcast No. 11 on The Truths of Terasem – Posted on iTunes 10/11/2010

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TITLE:  Truths of Terasem – The When & Why of Terasem

SUB TITLE:  Escalations and Purposes of Terasem

SUMMARY:  Terasem is a highly purposeful “meritocracy”.  Those who grasp its purposes and pursue them productively are empowered to do more, in a yearly “escalation” event, and there is a great deal “more” than one might think, to be accomplished, when the full vision of what Terasem is set on accomplishing is brought into focus.
(Fred)  Hi, we’re Fred & Linda Chamberlain, with podcast number 11 on the Truths of Terasem.

(Linda)  Eleven?  Is that a lucky number for Terasem?

(Fred)  Every day’s a lucky one for Terasem!  That’s because we make our own luck, and the more of it we make, the more leverage we get to make more of it!  Today we’re shifting gears, doubling-up with two Expansions of the Truths of Terasem each week, so we’ll be just slightly ahead at the end of the year.  In this podcast, we’ll first look at Expansion 4-ten, which deals with what kind of empowerment ladder Terasem uses to accelerate its growth.  Then in 5.1 we’ll see what kind of awesome ladder it is that we’re out to climb.  These two go well together, and, perhaps that’s just pure luck.

(Linda)  Wait just a minute! You said that we “make our own luck”.  So how can it be that these two sets of truths just fell together so conveniently?  And when you said, “pure luck”, did you mean “blind luck”?  If so, how can you say that we “made it”?

(Fred)  You got me!  Or, did you?  At first glance, these two Expansions don’t even come under the same Precept or “basic” category, so you could say that if we had looked at this carefully, we wouldn’t have put them together at all.  On the other hand, it was possible to see a connection that could be significant, and it’s in that sense that a kind of silver lining was “found”, or “created”, whichever you want.

So, in an initially unpromising looking situation an apparent “mismatch” turned out to be an “opportunity”.  It’s like that in almost every aspect of our lives.  Element of the Terasem Truths 6-10-2 has a nice way of saying it, “Each win is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt.”

(Linda)  Inspiring indeed, but we’ve got two sets to cover this week, so let’s jump into it!

(Fred)  OK – Here we go, as usual, always at less than a thousand words per minute!  In Terasem, levels of progression are denoted by the names on the periodic table of chemical elements, so they start with Hydrogen; Helium is next, then Lithium, Beryllium and so forth, taken in order of their atomic numbers.  In 4-10’s Expansion of the Truths of Terasem they come in sets of three elements at each level, except in the last of this set.  They’re associated with some particular strength that is recognized by consensus within the organization c-cube or c-quad in which the advancement takes place.

Before going further, we need to mention that Terasem fosters the creation of small groups, called “Critical Centers of Consciousness” or “c-cubes”, and encourages them to engage in Terasem’s development.  Each four years, at an event called a Quadrennial Convocation, “c-cubes” that have made progress are moved up one step to “Consented Critical Centers of Consciousness”, “c-Quads” for short.  At this time, based on five years of development, less than dozen c-Quads exist, but it is entrusted to them to judge the admission of new c-cubes to c-Quad status.

Within their groups, c-cubes and c-Quads “consent” to advancement of individual members, or “Joiners” as they are more usually known within Terasem.  The overall network of c-Quads, as it expands, stays in harmony with each other much in the way a team of mountain climbers are roped together for safety in climbing long vertical surfaces, crossing ice fields with crevasses, working their ways up chaotic waterfall fissures, and so forth.  The purpose here is not to delve into administrative details, but rather to paint a picture of how it works.  One of the Truths from another area may help to illustrate the decentralized nature of Terasem.  Truth 3-7 says, “Headquarters of Terasem does not exist, but multiple strong places must exist for safekeeping of souls.”

Terasem is, and this is important, not about empire building, office politics, win-lose games, or the multitude of other person-person interactions that have plagued humanity since it began to pit tribe against tribe in territorial conflict.

(Linda)  Those that “get that” will enter Terasem easily and fit into its kind of harmony without any loss of individuality.

(Fred)  Conversely, those that come to Terasem with some sort of predatory hard-sales mentality or a hidden agenda will be smelled out quickly.   But we need to get down to the particular Truths, themselves.
Expansion 4-10 of the Truths of Terasem leads off with, “Escalation Dates for Terasem Levels occur when appropriate collectives consent to members’ achievement of associated capabilities.”  That’s very general, but hopefully, what we talked about earlier will help to give a sense of the spirit in which advancement in Terasem takes place.

Under that, 4-10-1 states, “Levels Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium occur with Gathering demonstrations of surface, middle and deep Terasem, respectively.”  In brief, according to the Founders of Terasem, “Surface” relates to a basic understanding of the six groups or “Precepts” of the Truths of Terasem (who, what, etc.)  A “Middle” grasp of the Truths represents a more thorough understanding, in terms of the ten Expansions of each of the Precepts, and an Expert understanding corresponds to an in-depth comprehension of the six Elements of each of the ten Expansions.
In 4-10-2 we find, “Expect Beryllium, Boron and Carbon levels with useful teachings on diversity, unity and joyful immortality, respectively.”  These are the next three elements in the Periodic Table, after Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium.
“Useful teachings” are taken to mean those that focus, in great depth, on  three key principles of the Terasem Truths, in fact three out of five of those in the Terasem Pledge (the others are “education persistently” and the word “everywhere”).

Let’s briefly review the two that are not part of the escalation group.  “Education persistently” seems an equivalency of “unrelenting mind expansion non-stop, endlessly”, which seems to be a no-brainer in the sense that if you don’t do it, “no-brain” is what you wind up with. “Everywhere”, similarly, seems to translate to “ubiquitous in all parts of the multiverse.”

(Linda)  What gets us through the Singularity, however, is going to be the air-tight integration of unity and diversity, along with maintenance of the driving motivation, the will, to achieve joyful immortality.  Perhaps this is why such global importance is attached to useful teachings on these three.

(Fred)  Next in this Group is “4-10-3 Vest Nitrogen, Oxygen and Fluorine levels when one has co-founded one, two and four c-cubes, respectively.”  This means that one of Terasem’s Joiners has managed to organize, assisted by others, one, two, and four c-cubes (respectively).

Note that it is not even required that the c-cubes be “consented”, to be elevated to c-quad status.  Tremendous emphasis is placed on networking with others who gain enough confidence in the Truths of Terasem as a reasonable starting point for growth of a community that might be the key to surviving the singularity, to join and become part of Terasem’s goal of finding common ground with others to this end.

The definitions of accomplishment are extended to achievements that are of great value in the pursuit of geoethical nanotechnology, in “4-10-4 Elevate to Neon, Sodium and Magnesium with contributions to one, two and four geoethical solutions, respectively.”  The significance here is profound.  Without airtight geoethical nanotechnology, the probability is that we will destroy ourselves in the Singularity.  We may find that this has happened many times in the Universe before, as we expand our presence outward and find many pre-Singularity forms of life, but no post-Singularity sentience, other than ourselves.

OK, the next one is “4-10-5 Levels Aluminum and Silicon levels happen with birthing one and co-creating ten authored selves, respectively.”  This means generating a sufficiently detailed CyBeRev or LifeNaut mindfile to enable a conversational analog “twin” of yourself (self-authoring), and beyond this help nine or more others (that’s  called co-creating) do the same.
It’s now pretty clear what’s going on here.  The mindfiles approach of Terasem is targeted directly on providing launching points for identities in cyberspace that would otherwise be lost.  If we bring this about by means of either CyBeRev or Lifenaut for ourselves and then at least nine others, we’ve moved through both of these levels; Aluminum and Silicon.

The quantitization of fidelity of emulation of personalities to meet the standard of this Element of the Truths has yet to be established, but there is no doubt that at some point it is envisioned that from the barest shred of data, any people who can be recovered and enabled to go forward in cyberspace will be rescued.  It’s a big universe out there.  It will take a lot of us to do this in a highly synergistic and harmonious way.

Finally, in this Expansion of the Truths, we have “4-10-6 Sanctify one as Phosphorus when a Quadrennial Convocation consents they demonstrate the quintessence of Terasem.”  The next Quadrennial will not take place until 2012, and even then, it may still be insufficiently defined as to what the standard will be for the “quintessence of Terasem” for anyone to be deemed to qualify.  But, the idea is there, and the intent is to work toward first the clear definition of such a standard, and then to attain it.
(Linda)  That wraps up the first Expansion of Truths for today, Fred, but we’ve got to squeeze one more of those in before we’re done.  Next, we have to introduce the fifth major category, “Why… is there Terasem?” and explore its first Expansion, 5.1 –  Without exceeding one thousand words a minute, how long is it going to take you to do that?

(Fred)  We’ll get it done in far less than 240 trillion nanoseconds.  That’s four minutes.  The “Why?” question is answered in brief with, “Terasem exists because the Multiverse spawned a collective consciousness that is destined for joyful immortality.”
Perhaps I’m about to ‘over-demystify’ that, but I’d say that means that those of us who have joined Terasem are a network of people who think we know pretty well what “joyful immortality” would be, we think it’s an attainable goal by scientific and technological  means, and we’re going to make it happen or be obliterated in the attempt.

To translate that terminology into words I’m more familiar with, I’d say it this way… that in the extropic self-ordering of the Universe, Terasem has nucleated a group that is out to surf the wave of the Singularity all the way to the farthest reaches of the visible universe, and beyond that wherever the waves might take us, populating space with consciousness on an endless variety of substrates, staying in touch with that network endlessly.  Also, and this might make it sound even more ambitious, it all might be possible in less than one thousand years, real  time.  Anyway, that’s the “Why” of Terasem, as I understand it.

Let’s look at the first Expansion of the ten under this precept: That’s 5.1, and it’s stated, “Multiverse observations reveal that the reason for living is to make life as joyful as possible.”  Rephrasing, we might say that everywhere we look, throughout all of “existence”, we see life pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain and death.  Taking the notion that through technology we can carry that to limitless heights, we’re set on doing just that, and doing it as quickly as possible, carrying it to every corner of all dimensionalities of reality that we can find.
Moving on, 5.1.1 says, “Ratio maximization of joy and happiness to pain and sadness is best for all.”  To me, that means we do the best we can on the way up the ladder.  The further up we go, the better the view, the cleaner the air, and the more perception that what we’re doing makes sense.   In 5.1.2, the message is “Equality of opportunity is essential to maximization of joy and happiness.”  To put it in more tangible terms, if the Singularity means that we no longer have a world where billions exist at a standard of life of only a few dollars a day and have nothing to look forward to but misery and an early death, then we’ll have a great deal more “joy and happiness”.

In 5.1.3 we find, “Achievement of diversity and unity are essential to minimization of pain and sadness.”  Reflecting back to the prior Precept of Truths under Expansion 4-10, we might be able to better see why “useful teachings” on diversity and unity are so important, as well as the goal as stated in the next one here, “5-1-4 Satisfying joyful immortality means an endless pursuit of happiness.”
Coming down toward the end of this Expansion, we find, “5-1-5 Only the Way of Terasem can provide a sure personal pathway to fulfilling the purpose of life.”

(Linda)  This can be taken the wrong way, like saying, “We already know exactly what the Way is, it’s cast in concrete, and no one better question it!”

(Fred)  Far more, what this is saying is that if we don’t carefully figure out how to get to the top of the mountain without falling off the side on the way up, and then commit ourselves to the climb, we’ll never know what it’s like to stand on top of it.

The last Element in this Expansion is “5-1-6 Never forget that the purpose of life is to make life better for all.”  Sounds like a trite truism, perhaps?  Not if you look carefully enough at it.

Consider the first two words.  They’re “never forget”.  What does that mean?  It means that in a world of biological humans evolved  to dominate, conquer, and brutalize each other unthinkingly, the very idea of “making life better for all” is so easily forgotten that only by the most intense focus of intent can we keep it in mind every moment, as we use those very scarce minutes of our biological lives to “make a difference” in how the Singularity turns out.

Never forget how important it is to never forget what you’re doing.  Buddhism calls this “mindfulness”.  Terasem calls it “never forgetting what’s going on and what you’re doing about it”.  But, it’s about the same thing in principle.
(Linda)  As usual Fred, we’re out of time.  In fact, a little over, but then we did do our first “double Expansion” this time.  Next week, we’re going to take a look way downstream, to what kind of words we have to use to describe the outcome of the entire universe, or rather multiverse, being emulated, with full control of cosmic physics.  The words there might be confused with those too often used to describe a mystical fantasy, but we’ll relate them to rational goals based on where the Singularity seems to be taking us.

(Fred)  That’s right, Linda.  Until now, the way many of us took the concept of a “God” was that this would be wonderful but was unlike to be a reality.  Now, it seems that in some ways it might be more like “going to the Moon”, a “reality” also once believed to be impossible.

This builds on an idea recently voiced by one of Terasem’s Founders.  She pointed out that through science and technology, Terasem’s goals are to expand on what people have always thought of as “doing God’s work”, with the spirit of building a better world, where people are united and yet respect all kinds of diversity, where pain and hunger fade away, death becomes like an ancient disease that’s been “cured”, and we go outward into the Cosmos in the way Carl Sagan suggested would be our destiny, three decades ago.

(Linda)  That’s right, and, don’t forget – “Joining Terasem” is a piece of cake at terasemfaith.net.  Your entry way to “waking up in cyberspace” is  CyBeRev.org, no fees to participate.

(Fred) Right!  And mindclones.blogspot.com by Martine Rothblatt tells you more and more about mindfiles, as she expands it increasingly.  Next week, we’ll see how “God” is an emergent consequence of consciousness being spread throughout the Cosmos, Terasem’s ultimate “Why” for existing!

(Linda)  So, join us, on our trek into an endless future…

(Fred)  Come with us – into Tomorrow!


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